Remembering the Nations in a Worldwide Day of Prayer


Prayer is God’s invitation to come alongside with Him for the matters He cares about. Corporate prayer unites our hearts, minds and wills to God’s heartbeat as we seek His face and purposes together. We gather as a global organization (Cru/CCC International) with a common prayer theme every April and October.

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Appreciating Cultures, Practising Contextualisation

EAST is a seminary with faculty, staff and students hailing from several nations. We learn to appreciate and recognise the uniqueness of different cultures around the world. The picture above shows us having a session of intercultural appreciation and prayer for different nations.

As part of being an intercultural community, we also learn how to communicate with each other with patience, sensitivity and adaptability in different cross-cultural situations.

The message of the Gospel needs to go out far and wide throughout the world. Having an awareness of how to be effectively cross-cultural in spiritual conversations helps in bringing this message of God to the ends of the earth.


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Mentoring Groups in Ministry Action

Each of our MGs(Mentoring Groups) at EAST has spent the recent weekend serving together in ministry over various platforms to bless communities in Singapore and abroad. The annual MG Ministry Weekend has traditionally been a time for the faculty, staff and students in each MG to spend a weekend together to serve at a ministry located either in Singapore or within the Southeast-Asia region.

Most of our MGs have faculty, staff and students from a range of different countries, so this an intentional season of cross-cultural ministry that starts from within each Mentoring Group to eventually reach out to communities either in Singapore or around the region.

The MG Ministry Weekend is a time where ministry skills are sharpened and leadership is developed in our students, as each one takes on responsibilities in various segments of ministry and team leadership. Team dynamics are also developed, as members within each MG communicate with each other and serve together with teamwork.

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Chapel Services and Community Building

A few weeks back when the numbers of Singapore’s community cases of COVID-19 were rising, the whole country went back into Phase 2 of Heightened Alert with enhanced safe management measures. As a result, all our classes went back fully online, along with our weekly chapel services. How did it impact our community building?

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Thinking about starting a journey of learning in theological education that suits you? If God is leading you to be further equipped for life and ministry, do consider an EAST program for your personal transformation. Or you may ask to visit and sample some of our “live” classes onsite or online.

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