Chapels, Start.

We have started Chapel on campus this semester with everyone gathering as a community to pray, worship, be encouraged by testimonies and be built up by the sharing of the Word.

We were glad to have our Dean of Academics, Rev Liong Kwok Wai encourage everyone about being a light unto the world as the opening message at the first Chapel. We were also glad to participate in Communion together as community at the start of this semester.

There will be several more sessions of Chapel to come, and we pray that they will continue to be fruitful, refreshing and encouraging to the EAST community and beyond.

Welcome and Smiles at Aleph 2022

We recently welcomed this semester’s new students on the first day of the EAST Aleph, which is our orientation program for new program students each academic year. Our Dean of Students, Rev Dr Casey Lok welcomed the new cohort on the first day of Aleph, and we had a brief round of introductions to hear from each new student as a way of introducing themselves to the EAST community. It is always an encouragement to hear how the hand of God was present in guiding our new students to EAST for their season of equipping.

Many of our new students come from different regions around the world. The intercultural friendships we have with students and alumni from all around the world which have greatly enriched our faith with the stories of how God has been journeying with them throughout their lives.

Again, a big welcome to our new students, and the Lord be ever-present with His grace throughout this new season of a learning journey at EAST!


Upcoming Webinar: Passing Through the Waters

In this webinar on 2 June 2022, Dr Stephen L. Martyn, Associate Professor of Spiritual Formation from Asbury Theological Seminary and Ms Josephine Lew, Mentoring Group Director and Lecturer at East Asia School of Theology will share how God guides and forms us through challenging seasons of life.

The webinar will also cover how to abide in God and trust in His providential care, how to recover from the effects of being isolated, and how to walk together with fellow believers in the kingdom of God.

Explore, for more information on additional anniversary webinars in May and June 2022.

Hearing Each Other Out in Inter-generational Dialogue

EAST and Capelle Church Equip recently hosted an inter-generational dialogue over the joys, challenges and hopes of Christian leaders across the generations.

The panel presented and interacted over three aspects of ministering across the generations. They engaged each other’s thoughts and constructively responded to a number of questions from the floor covering the generational challenges on multiple fronts. These include having conversations with (and between) children in the family, recognizing the merits of the different generations, having genuine interest and concern for the younger generations, responding well to leadership, recognizing the need to nurture upcoming generations, and cultivating a helpful culture of interaction that facilitates healthy conversations in the long run.

Each member of the panel represented a different age group covering the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. It was a lively discussion yet unifying and edifying in its desire to bless and which concluded with prayers of inter-generational blessings and thanksgiving.

May the event video be a usable resource for further discussion and prayer in your community.

Upcoming: Practical Christianity Seminar

We continue our 30th Anniversary celebrations at EAST with a special morning seminar on 28 May 2022 with Bishop Emeritus Rev Dr Robert Solomon. This seminar will be conducted live at our campus at 118 Joo Chiat Road and concurrently streamed out to accommodate online attendees.

Bishop Solomon will be looking into the history of the Epistle of James, as well as its message to see how it echoes the teachings of Jesus.

Explore, for more information on additional anniversary webinars in May and June 2022.

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