Newly Arrived Students: Thanawat & Phichanida Wichaphon (Off & Peung)

L-R: Rev Jonathan Yao (seated), Wong Ee Yuing, Boon-Koh Aitee, Phichanida Wichaphon (Peung), Thanawat Wichaphon (Off)

Thanawat & Phichanida Wichaphons are the first couple to have arrived in Singapore from Thailand for our new semester this June. They are better known by their nicknames Off and Peung. Off has been enrolled in Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies since July 2022 and Peung has been attending online Partners-in-Ministry classes. They are thrilled to finally take the classes at EAST on-site in the upcoming semester and have face to face interactions with faculty, students and staff.

EAST News had the opportunity to ask a few questions below to get to know this “cool couple” (as some of their friends have described them) better and share their journey to EAST.

  1. What led Off to study MAICS and Peung to take PIM classes at EAST?

Is it fair to say it was not my choice (Off)? It might not. But my plan for MA study started before we got married in 2006. We aimed to get married and enrol in an institute together as we wanted to serve in full-time ministry. After we got married, that plan never happened. We continued to serve full-time in student ministry. 2010 we prepared ourselves again to leave everything behind and apply for a Missions-minded institute. The door shut during the preparation process. Two years later I was offered to study full time in another institute. The Lord said, “Not yet.” MA in theology plan for me seemed to be something that never came true. The more I was involved in ministry, the less possibility it seemed to happen.

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The Significant Woman (Online) – PIM Day Course

The Significant Woman (Online)
LF311, 2 Credits
Mondays, 15 July – 2 September, 1.30 pm – 4.30 pm 

As a woman, would you like to learn how to live a life of significance? No matter what season of life you are in, this course is designed to help you grow in your relationship with God, become aware of who God created you to be, discover and do what He has called you to do.

Sophie Lo, MA, has served at EAST since 2013 as a lecturer for Partners in Ministry and had various ministry experience in East Asia and Singapore. She is passionate about ministering to women, and enjoys discipling and journeying with them in their growth. She is also involved in local outreaches, social media ministries, and has been mentoring young mothers for the past 10 years. Sophie is married to Nelson, and they have two children.


Registration deadline: Friday, 5 July 2024.

Missions Foundations (Online) – Day Course

Missions Foundations (Online)
IS409, 3 Credits
Fridays, 9.00 am – 12.00 pm

This course focuses on God’s missions agenda throughout the Bible. In addition, examples from various historical and contemporary contexts will be discussed. Students will consider their personal role in missions today.


Joyce Jow, PhD, has been ministering among university students and focusing on leadership development for more than two decades. She has served in several contexts and enjoys the challenge of learning how to communicate the gospel in different cultures. She is married to Uno.


Registration deadline: Friday, 5 July 2024.

Church History 1 (Onsite) – Day Course

Church History 1 (Onsite)
TS500, 3 Credits
Fridays, 9.00 am – 12.00 pm

This course helps students better appreciate and understand their own faith by studying some of the key movements and ideas from the history of the Christian Church. The course will follow the history of Christianity from the late first century to the rise of the Enlightenment. Prerequisite: LF500 Research & Writing for Christian Leadership.

Raymundo Go, PhD, has been on staff with Philippines Campus Crusade for Christ since 1989 where he had served in both the Church Resource Ministry and the Chinese Ministry. In 1997, he and his wife Lutgarda joined the Faculty team of the International Graduate School of Leadership (Philippines). He was the Senior Pastor at Philippines National Police Academy–Cadet Christian Fellowship for twelve years. He and Lutgarda, have two children: Sara and Nathan.


Registration deadline: Friday, 5 July 2024.

New Testament Narratives (Onsite) – Day Course

New Testament Narratives (Onsite)
NT510, 3 Credits
Thursdays, 1.30 pm – 4.30 pm

An expositional study of the Gospels and Acts. Attention will be given to the historical and cultural contexts of these narratives as well as biblical themes and theology. Emphasis will be given to Christ’s teaching and ministry and the work of the Holy Spirit in building the Church. Prerequisite: BS510 Bible Study Methods & Hermeneutics.


Ng Khim Fatt, ThM, graduated from Trinity Theological College in 2019 and joined EAST as a resident faculty in 2023. He has taught subjects on New Testament studies with the EAST Extension Centres in India and East Asia and is passionate about equipping Christian workers in developing countries.


Registration deadline: Friday, 5 July 2024.

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