The Art and Science of Mentoring and Spiritual Direction (November 2018 Intensive Course)

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LF550 The Art and Science of Mentoring and Spiritual Direction (3 credits)
21-30 November 2018
 (from Wednesday to the following Friday), 9.00 am-5.00 pm

Mentoring and spiritual direction in the Christian tradition are spiritually formative and transformative ministries. There is a certain skillset which can be taught in mentoring and in spiritual direction. Yet there is also the ‘art’ side of discernment, listening to one another, and to God, and prayer. This practical course is suitable to equip Church members, leaders, pastors, seminarians and anyone who is interested in the foundations of mentoring and spiritual direction.

Alex Tang, PhD

Alex Tang, PhD & MD, is an associate professor of Paediatrics in Monash University and consultant paediatrician at KPJ Johor Specialist Hospital.  His PhD is in Spiritual Formation, Discipleships, and Education.  He is a popular speaker, especially on ethical issues and spiritual formation.

Registration deadline is Wednesday, 14 November 2018.  You may register online or contact us for registration form.

Tips for Everyone at Seminary

Dr Keith and Jacob’s mentoring group put together a session at last week’s chapel to share tips on how to do well as a seminary student.

Here’s what was shared:

(1) Continue to spend time with God. This recharges you and keeps you spiritually fresh. Your morning quiet time and short times of reflection throughout the day helps you stay connected with God.

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EAST Holy Land Study Tour 2018

15 Days, 25 November to 9 December 2018 — Organized by Travel 360 Pte Ltd.

Picture yourself cupping your hands to drink water at the same spring where Gideon’s band of 300 select men did the same, climbing the steps that led to the altar of the golden calf in the northern kingdom of Israel, or studying about Jesus calming the storms as you sail across the Sea of Galilee. This is an opportunity to study God’s Word in its original setting. For more information about the Study Tour email or

Rev Dr Keith SHUBERT

Dr Jeannette SHUBERT

Keith Shubert, PhD and Jeannette Shubert, DMin/PhD Studies

Keith lived in Israel for three years while completing a Master’s degree in Historical Geography of Ancient Israel. Many who have gone to Israel with Keith over the past 15 years have commented that his teaching at the biblical sites brings the Bible to life. His wife, Jeannette, co-leads the group. As a team they make this a memorable trip for all who have gone with them in the past.

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View video for the EAST Holy Land Study Tour conducted previously:

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How to use THE FOUR

Would you like to learn new ways to present the unchanging Gospel so that its message can be passed on from one generation to another?

Introducing THE FOUR – a simple and catchy tool you can use to testify your faith and invite people to follow Jesus.

A training video on how to use THE FOUR:


“The content of THE FOUR is the same as The Four Spiritual Laws, but [makes it] easier for this generation to explain the gospel to their friends,” says Raphael Marti, a staff with the Switzerland ministry that created THE FOUR.

He was recently able to use THE FOUR to explain the gospel when his neighbour invited him, his wife and a few others over for dinner. As they sat in the living room, the conversation naturally turned to what each of them did for their vocations.

Showing his black wristband with the four symbols that he wears on his left wrist, Raphael told them his job title and what he did. When they asked what each of the four symbols meant, he had the opportunity to tell his faith story and explain the gospel.

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40-day Prayer 2018

Do consider joining the nationwide 40-day Prayer 2018 starting from 1 July.

The Solemn Assembly 2018 Schedule and Host Churches:

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