EAST Holy Land Study Tour 2018

15 Days, 25 November to 9 December 2018 — Organized by Travel 360 Pte Ltd.

Picture yourself cupping your hands to drink water at the same spring where Gideon’s band of 300 select men did the same, climbing the steps that led to the altar of the golden calf in the northern kingdom of Israel, or studying about Jesus calming the storms as you sail across the Sea of Galilee. This is an opportunity to study God’s Word in its original setting. For more information about the Study Tour email wendytan@travel360.sg or studytour@east.edu.sg.

Rev Dr Keith SHUBERT

Dr Jeannette SHUBERT

Keith Shubert, PhD and Jeannette Shubert, DMin/PhD Studies

Keith lived in Israel for three years while completing a Master’s degree in Historical Geography of Ancient Israel. Many who have gone to Israel with Keith over the past 15 years have commented that his teaching at the biblical sites brings the Bible to life. His wife, Jeannette, co-leads the group. As a team they make this a memorable trip for all who have gone with them in the past.

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EAST 24th Commencement

We praise God for the recent 24th Commencement Service of East Asia School of Theology conducted at the Bartley Christian Church.

The ceremony saw 25 graduands received their degrees or certificates from the following programs:
• Partners in Ministry Certificate – 4 graduates
• Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry – 4 graduates
• Graduate Diploma in Christian Ministry – 3 graduates
• Master of Arts in Biblical Studies – 3 graduates
• Master of Arts in Christian Ministry – 1 graduate
• Master of Arts in Inter-cultural Studies – 1 graduate
• Master of Arts in Leadership – 1 graduate
• Master of Divinity in Christian Ministry – 3 graduates
• Master of Divinity in Inter-cultural Studies – 2 graduates
• Master of Divinity in Teaching and Exposition – 3 graduates

Four graduates received their EAST Awards:
• Academic Excellence – Ms Wong Wei Heen (MDiv)
• Christian Character – Ms Wong Wei Heen (MDiv)
• Communications Excellence – Ms Agnes Goh (MA)
• Leadership – Mr William Stacken (MDiv)
• President Leadership – Mr Michael Tien (MDiv)

The Graduate’s Reflection was presented by:
• Mr Michael Tien (MDiv)

The Presentation of Doctoral Degree to an EAST Faculty:
• Benson Goh, PhD, Asbury Theological Seminary
• Dissertation: Honouring Christ, Subverting Caesar: Relevance-historical Reconstruction of the Context of Ephesians as an Honorific Discourse Praising Jesus the Great Benefactor
• Conferrer: Dr Joseph R. Dongell, Asbury Theological Seminary


Living and Loving from the Inside Out

Some 60 people participated in the recent EAST Public Talk by Dr Joe Dongell on the topic of “Loving from the Inside Out.” This is based on the ongoing personal study of Dr Dongell on scriptural perspective on love. It provides the biblical vision of love that challenges our thinking about love which opens up new ways of loving and ministering.

Dr Joseph Dongell, PhD, is professor of Biblical Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary, USA. He is in town primarily to confer a PhD degree on an EAST Resident Faculty, Mr Benson Goh, at the EAST 24th Commencement Service. Dr Dongell has graciously agreed to present talks and sermons at EAST and selected Methodist churches in Singapore whilst he is here. Praise God for His servant-hearted teacher!


Interpreting the Synoptic Gospels (May/June 2018 Intensive Course)


Find out if you are eligible to take this course using the Two Courses Free@EAST Promotion!


Interpreting the Synoptic Gospels (NT516/TS516, 3 credits)

22 May-1 June, 9.00 am-5.00 pm (starts on Tuesday, ends on the following Friday)

One-third of the pages of the New Testament are occupied by the first three Gospels-Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Students of the Bible have often asked, “Why are these three Gospels so similar?”, and, “Why do they have so many significant differences from each other?” These Gospels are the primary sources on the life and teachings of Jesus and they also inform us about the theology of their authors and the concerns of the local churches then. You will learn a variety of interpretive methods to help you go deeper in your understanding of these important books.


Rob MacEwen, PhD

Rob, a former missionary to East Asia, is passionate about helping others understand and apply God’s Word. He has authored Matthean Posteriority, a book that explores literary relationships between the first three gospels.


Registration deadline is Wednesday, 15 May 2018.   Online registration of courses at www.east.edu.sg or contact registrar@east.edu.sg for registration form.



Theology of Leadership (May 2018 Intensive Course)

Find out if you are eligible to take this course using the Two Courses Free@EAST Promotion!


Theology of Leadership (LF512/TS522, 3 credits)

18-25 May 2018, 9.00 am-5.00 pm (starts on Friday, ends on the following Friday)

What are God’s instructions for us today as leaders in ministry? Unreflective reliance on secular theories and techniques can be hazardous to us as leaders and to our people.  This course helps participants to develop a theological foundation for thinking about practical issues of leadership for application to life and ministry.

Guy Saffold, EdD

Guy, is Executive Director of the Associated Canadian Theological Schools at Trinity Western University and has 40 years of experience in organisational and ministry leadership. He holds a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from Seattle University (USA) and a MDiv from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (USA). He is an author and Associate Professor in theological studies and organisational leadership.  He consults and speaks widely, most recently working with hundreds of Asian leaders to support their National Evangelization Plan for their country.  Guy and his wife Susan have two sons and three grandchildren.

Registration deadline is Friday, 11 May 2018.   Online registration of courses at www.east.edu.sg or contact registrar@east.edu.sg for registration form.



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