Silent Pandemic: Loneliness in the Church

How do we embrace and include the lonely in church, as a true community of faith and friends?

We don’t like to admit it, but many of us feel lonely in church. Why do some people struggle to fit in? How can pastors and leaders rethink the ways we do church? How might we relearn the art of friendship? Hear from our panel and learn from one another in focus group discussions facilitated by Capelle learning consultants.

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Seek God for the Future


Listening to Daniel Yoncer speak about his past, present and future plans, one gets a peek into a tender heart for people. “Back in uni days, my sis and I invited people to our home a lot, even people we hardly knew,” says Daniel, who tells you he can whip up a decent escargot a’ la Bourguignonne for his guests.

And the self-professed ‘introvert’ enjoys listening to people. “During the pandemic, God led many with needs to my path, and used them to grow my empathy.”

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Prayer pointer 4 August 2022


Strive for peace with everyone, and for the holiness without which no one will see the Lord.” Hebrews 12:14 – ESV

Do you choose heaven or hell? To gripe leads to hell, strive for peace and holiness with gratitude leads to heaven.

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Are People Feeling Lonely in Church?

Are you lonely? If you are, you are not alone. Rev Dr Tan Soo Inn, a panellist at the upcoming The Silent Pandemic: Loneliness in the Churches seminar, writes about the danger of loneliness found in today’s churches.

Rev Tan cites studies of urban church worshippers who found friendly believers in churches but not friends. This is coupled with the negative effect of loneliness being like that of obesity and smoking. Churches are gospel communities of those reconciled to God and to fellow man. How then do churches get their “relational act together” in addressing the issue of loneliness?

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Chapels, Start.

We have started Chapel on campus this semester with everyone gathering as a community to pray, worship, be encouraged by testimonies and be built up by the sharing of the Word.

We were glad to have our Dean of Academics, Rev Liong Kwok Wai encourage everyone about being a light unto the world as the opening message at the first Chapel. We were also glad to participate in Communion together as community at the start of this semester.

There will be several more sessions of Chapel to come, and we pray that they will continue to be fruitful, refreshing and encouraging to the EAST community and beyond.

North Indian Student: Worchuirin Horam

Worchuirin Horam at EAST Mission Hub, July 2022

Introducing another new student from North India, Worchuirin Horam, who is pursuing Master of Arts in Leadership. Her brother is an Alumnus Haimi Horam who studied Master of Arts in Christian Ministry. Below is a short interview with this petite lady with a big heart for God:

  1. What were you doing before you came to EAST?

I was a Secondary School Teacher in a mission school in North India before I came to EAST. I had worked as a missionary teacher for more than a decade in different schools. While I taught at school, I was a part time women counsellor in a women hostel from 2018-2021. I was also a Sunday school teacher from 2017-2019. I worked as an outreach and evangelism leader, Discipleship task group leader from 2012-2015 in North India. I also lived in an orphanage and spend a couple of years(2011-2013) to share my life with them, helped them, counselled them and prayed with them for two precious years with those precious girls. Read more

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