Study on Gender and Sexuality in Christian Ministry (May 2019 Intensive Course)

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LF568 Study on Gender and Sexuality in Christian Ministry (3 credits)
22 May – 31 May 2019
 (starts on Wednesday, ends on the following Friday), 9.00 am-5.00 pm

This course will critically and biblically examine some of the significant issues and concepts in gender and sexuality discussions in the postmodern context. The student will then have a holistic understanding of gender and sexuality issues and be able to effectively carry out an authentic Christian ministry to a needy world.

Heng Hwee Chuang, DMin

Hwee Chuang has degrees in MACE and DMin from Dallas Theological Seminary (USA).  She has over 30 years of Christian Education experience in creche, children, youth, and adult ministries in USA, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore and East Asia.  Her passion is for Christians to have a clear biblical worldview and be Christ-like servant-leaders in all areas of life.

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My Grace is Sufficient For You

God’s all sufficient grace.

Jacob Li and Liong Kwok Wai’s Mentoring Group recently gave us this reminder at Chapel, as we recalled and recorded recent instances of God’s grace on slips of paper, which we pasted together to form a big “GRACE”.

Piecing together all the testimonies also reminded us that altogether, they spell “GOD”, the One who has made all these possible.

May the grace of God indeed prove sufficient for you.

Photo courtesy of Wong Ee Yuing.

Appreciating Chinese New Year at Chapel

EAST gathered this week for a very festive Chapel service filled with the celebratory spirit of Chinese New Year. The leading Mentoring Group took everyone through a hands-on session of mutual blessing with the exchange of well-wishes, mandarin oranges and red packets.

Be blessed with a fantastic Chinese New Year holiday season filled with the joy of the Lord!

Photos courtesy of Lisa Xu and Tan Eng Kwang

New Beginnings at New Classrooms

We have commenced this semester’s classes at Grace (SCC) Church, our interim classroom venue closer to the heart of the city. God be praised for its accessibility.

Photos courtesy of Wong Ee Yuing, Tan Eng Kwang & Josephine Li.

Spiritual Life and Transformation (Day Course)

Find out if you are eligible to take any one of these courses using the First Course Free@EAST Promotion!

TS532 Spiritual Life and Transformation (3 credits)
Tuesdays & Fridays, 11.00 am-12.30 pm

Many Christians are spiritually impoverished because they don’t know their identity and position in Christ. This course looks at God’s work in bringing people into a life-changing relationship with Himself. It gives biblical and practical instruction about spiritual warfare and the battle for our mind. Students will learn their authority in Christ, how to resist demonic influence and how to help people find freedom in Christ.

Lewis WINKLER 130x160
Lewis Winkler, PhD

Lewis joined Cru in 1987 and has taught in three seminaries in the USA and Asia.  He enjoys interacting with students over basketball and casual discussion on how the Bible applies to life and issues today.

Casey Lok, DMin 

Casey is a staff of Cru Singapore since 1991. He has worked with campus students, missions mobilisation, and missionary care.  He and his wife, Siew Leng were missionaries to Japan (6 years). His DMin is from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (USA).

Registration deadline is Wednesday, 2 January 2019.  You may register online or contact us for registration form.

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