New Testament Narratives – Onsite Day Course

New Testament Narratives (NT510, 3 Credits, Onsite)
17 July to 17 November 2023, Thursdays, 1.30 pm-4.30 pm

An expositional study of the Gospels and Acts.  Attention will be given to the historical and cultural contexts of these narratives as well as biblical themes and theology.  Emphasis will be given to Christ’s teaching and ministry and the work of the Holy Spirit in building the Church. Prerequisite: BS510 Bible Study Methods & Hermeneutics.
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Bible Study Methods & Hermeneutics – Concurrent Onsite & Online Day Course

Bible Study Methods & Hermeneutics (BS510, 3 Credits, Concurrent)
17 July to 17 November 2023, Thursdays, 1.30 pm-4.30 pm

A skills-oriented course covering two parts.  In Part (1) Bible Study Methods, students will learn and practice the principles, methods and procedures of inductive Bible study involving the steps of observation, interpretation and correlation (hermeneutics), and application.  In Part (2) Hermeneutics, students will be introduced to important hermeneutical features and guidelines in interpreting the different Bible genres.  The practice of principles and skills will be applied in the study of several Bible passages, as well as selected Bible books.  Prerequisite: LF500 Research & Writing for Christian Leadership.

Auditors are expected to complete the asynchronous portions of each week’s lesson so that they can participate in class discussions and to maximise their learning experience.
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Prayer Pointer 25 May 2023


Graduates, are you ready and courageous enough to be sent to your next location?

“It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.” – Deuteronomy 31:8 -ESV

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Expository Preaching 1 – Onsite Day Course

Expository Preaching 1 (LF555, 2 Credits, Onsite)
17 July to 17 November 2023, Wednesdays, 9.00 am-11.00 am

This course is designed to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills for effective expository preaching.  Attention to key elements of sermon preparation, audience analysis and communication are provided in the course.  Students are expected to preach a sermon bringing all the elements of sermon preparation and effective communication principles into practice.  Prerequisites: BS510 Bible Study Methods & Hermeneutics, OT510 Old Testament Narratives, and/or concurrent with NT510 New Testament Narratives.

Course is limited to program students and visiting credit students.
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29th Commencement Magazine 2023

East Asia School of Theology celebrated the achievements of the latest cohort of graduates at the EAST 29th Commencement Service on 20 May 2023.

View the commencement magazine below as a flipbook and be blessed by the stories of the graduates. Use the full screen view for maximum viewing experience.

To download the original PDF (16 MB), click here. Or you can download the reduced-size PDF (2 MB) here. Enjoy!



You may also view the above on the flipbook creation website.

Writer/Editor: Lau Ying Kheng, Chan Chong Hiok. Designer: Josie Quak.


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