Academic Programs

Program Graduates from Grad Dip, MDiv, PIM, BA, and MA respectively.


EAST offers an integrated curriculum for all degree programs in keeping with its purpose and mission to develop and equip Christian leaders for the fulfilment of the Great Commission in East Asia and around the world.  The core curriculum for the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs was designed with specific learning outcomes. These learning outcomes were developed by the faculty based on input from 70 ministry practitioners from across Asia – pastors and denominational leaders, mission agency directors, Campus Crusade leaders, and EAST alumni.

EAST recognizes that students enter at different places in their spiritual growth, biblical and theological knowledge, and development of ministry skills. The entire EAST experience (classes and assignments, Mentoring Groups, Chapel, Prayer, Ministry Weekend, Practicums and Internships, as well as an annual retreat and community life) are all part of the learning environment designed to encourage growth in five broad areas:

  • Growth in Christ-likeness
  • Learning & Living God’s Word
  • Communicating God’s Word Effectively
  • Passionate Spiritual Multipliers
  • Leadership

Yearly assessments are designed to help the student, the student’s mentor and EAST leadership determine formation in each of the five areas and identify dimensions that may need focused attention.

The following are programs of study offered by EAST. Details about each of the programs are provided on the following pages.

Certificate Level Programs
English for Seminarians (EFS)
Partners in Ministry (PIM)

Bachelor’s Level Program
Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry (BACM)

Master’s Level Programs
Graduate Diploma (GradDip)
MA in Biblical Studies (MABS)
MA in Christian Ministry (MACM)
MA in Intercultural Studies (MAICS)
MA in Leadership (MALD)
MA in Theological Studies (MATS)
MDiv in Christian Ministry (MDivCM)
MDiv in Intercultural Studies (MDivICS)
MDiv in Teaching and Exposition (MDivTE)
MDiv in Theological Studies (MDivTS)