The Digital Theological Library at EAST

EAST is a co-owner/member school of the Digital Theological Library (the DTL) since April 2020. All faculty, staff, and program students now have online access to the 600,000+ books, 60 million+ articles, 21,000+ journals, 150+ databases, and 30+ subject guides in the DTL, all in digital format, anywhere, anytime. EAST is now the third theological school in Singapore to have access to this current, quality, and extensive collection of theological resources.

The Digital Theological Library is a co-owned, born-digital library of religious and theological studies. The mission of the DTL is to provide its co-owning institutions with the highest quality digital resources in religious and theological studies at the lowest possible costs.

The DTL complements EAST’s own physical library at its resident campus in Singapore and the Logos Bible Software provided to all EAST degree program students.


600,000+ Books


60,000,000+ Articles


21,000+ Journals


150+ Databases


30+ Subject Guides