Chapels, Start.

We have started Chapel on campus this semester with everyone gathering as a community to pray, worship, be encouraged by testimonies and be built up by the sharing of the Word.

We were glad to have our Dean of Academics, Rev Liong Kwok Wai encourage everyone about being a light unto the world as the opening message at the first Chapel. We were also glad to participate in Communion together as community at the start of this semester.

There will be several more sessions of Chapel to come, and we pray that they will continue to be fruitful, refreshing and encouraging to the EAST community and beyond.

A Lenten Journey @ Chapel Service


We have had the privilege of worship leaders and musicians Earnest Lau and Tan Ming Li (“acoustic Christian duo”) being present at a recent Chapel to gently lead us through a Lenten service. Earnest gave the background on the Lenten season before Ming Li led a solemn yet quietly joyful and hope-filled liturgical worship service. The times from the Word, heartfelt songs of adoration, repentance prayers, congregational responses, and meditative silences filled our souls with a tangible presence of the Almighty. We linger long in the presence of the Holy Spirit as we continue the contemplative journey in this season of Lent (see the 40 days of Lent below).

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Newest Faculty: Derek Atkins

L to R: Derek Atkins, Caleb (14), Lai Kein

At the previous East Chapel, Mr Derek Atkins shared a message from Psalms 121 and reminded us to turn to God and fix our eyes on Jesus Christ in times of trouble and uncertainties. He and his wife Lai Kein did just that when the Covid-19 pandemic started. Back then, they had returned from the mission field to visit Lai Kein’s family for Chinese New Year. That short visit has since ballooned into an entire re-evaluation of God’s plans in their lives. Now, Derek teaches at EAST, and Lai Kein serves in a local Methodist Church. Meanwhile, their teenage son Caleb is transitioning to a home-schooling lifestyle in Singapore, while attending a ministry for third culture kids. Read more

EAST@Chapel – 28 July 2021

We give thanks that our community has been able to come together online for worship, prayer, exhortation and community during this season of Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) measures in Singapore. It has been nice to see our local and international alumni occasionally tuning in as well.

Rev Jonathan Yao, our Dean of Advancement has taken the opportunity as one of our Chapel speakers to give our community a reminder that Jesus Christ has called His disciples to be servant leaders. He said to His disciples that “whoever would be great among you must be your servant, and whoever would be first among you must be your slave” (Matthew 20:26-27 ESV). Messages like these are good reminders in our journeys of personal transformation at EAST.

While this way of gathering is different from the usual Chapel with us each other in person, we still appreciate the opportunity to have conversations and pray with each other as an intentional community. We definitely look forward to our Chapels in the coming weeks!

In the meantime, the Lord be with you with His grace, protection and provision in your family.

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Ready. Chapels, Start!


Chapel has started this semester at the EAST Mission Hub, and we started off with a reminder that the Lord is faithful and He keeps His promises.

Keeping to safe distancing measures of the season, we used e-platforms to connect the EAST community for a communal time of prayer and worship.

We give thanks for this unique way of gathering together, and continue to fix our eyes on God as a community.


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