Starting 2022!

Our first week of the January 2022 semester was a welcome for our new students and a time of gathering as Mentoring Groups to start off this new season.

As a community, It was good to see each other again after the December holidays, and we appreciated getting to start the semester with intentional times for Mentoring Groups to gather. This is one way our new students get connected with everyone in the wider EAST community, and with the fellow students journeying alongside within the same Mentoring Groups. The EAST community is where we rally around each other in fellowship, prayer and encouragement. 

We give thanks for our community in school and continue to walk with each other in the semester ahead. 

During the Mentoring Group (MG) Retreat held over 4-6 January, we had the privilege of having Rev Dr Chua Chung Kai from Covenant Evangelical Free Church (Covenant EFC) minister to our community. He reminded us that we can approach God through religion, ritual, rationale and relationship, but most importantly it is not just nice to “know about God” but to ultimately know God as a person.

On the third day of the MG Retreat, different MGs went to different parts of Singapore for a time of solitude, retreat, and sharing. Some went to Botanic Gardens and others were at Jurong Lake Gardens. It was a day set aside to seek the Lord personally, and corporately.

Mrs Josephine Goh & her team who organised the MG Retreat 2022 helped EAST Community bond with one another, and more importantly, start the year right in deepening our relationship with God. 


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New Beginnings: Adjunct Faculty Ng Khim Fatt

Adjunct Faculty Ng Khim Fatt with his wife Chan Wei Har

EAST Alumnus Ng Khim Fatt graduated with a Master of Divinity in Teaching and Exposition in 2016 and his wife Wei Har graduated with a similar degree in 2018. Khim Fatt recently joined EAST as an Adjunct Faculty and will be teaching an evening course on the Exposition of Matthew this semester.

After Khim Fatt’s graduation from EAST, he felt the conviction to pursue further studies in a ThM in New Testament Studies at Trinity Theological College as he wanted to fulfill God’s calling in his life to reach out and equip Christian workers. He felt that teaching with EAST Extension Centers (EECs) aligned with his God’s call upon his life and just before the Covid-19 pandemic started, he had the opportunity to teach a New Testament Narratives class in South Asia through the EECs. During the pandemic, Khim Fatt was able to teach New Testament Foundation and co-teach Greek online for the EECs, in Mandarin even.

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Joy to the World!


It’s Christmas again, and we want to wish all our family and friends a blessed festive season with the Lord!

A number of our students have put together this video of Joy to the World as a way of celebrating and remembering the Son of Man as the Joy of the World indeed.

Remembering the Nations in a Worldwide Day of Prayer


Prayer is God’s invitation to come alongside with Him for the matters He cares about. Corporate prayer unites our hearts, minds and wills to God’s heartbeat as we seek His face and purposes together. We gather as a global organization (Cru/CCC International) with a common prayer theme every April and October.

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Appreciating Cultures, Practising Contextualisation

EAST is a seminary with faculty, staff and students hailing from several nations. We learn to appreciate and recognise the uniqueness of different cultures around the world. The picture above shows us having a session of intercultural appreciation and prayer for different nations.

As part of being an intercultural community, we also learn how to communicate with each other with patience, sensitivity and adaptability in different cross-cultural situations.

The message of the Gospel needs to go out far and wide throughout the world. Having an awareness of how to be effectively cross-cultural in spiritual conversations helps in bringing this message of God to the ends of the earth.


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