Remembering the Nations in a Worldwide Day of Prayer


Prayer is God’s invitation to come alongside with Him for the matters He cares about. Corporate prayer unites our hearts, minds and wills to God’s heartbeat as we seek His face and purposes together. We gather as a global organization (Cru/CCC International) with a common prayer theme every April and October.

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Appreciating Cultures, Practising Contextualisation

EAST is a seminary with faculty, staff and students hailing from several nations. We learn to appreciate and recognise the uniqueness of different cultures around the world. The picture above shows us having a session of intercultural appreciation and prayer for different nations.

As part of being an intercultural community, we also learn how to communicate with each other with patience, sensitivity and adaptability in different cross-cultural situations.

The message of the Gospel needs to go out far and wide throughout the world. Having an awareness of how to be effectively cross-cultural in spiritual conversations helps in bringing this message of God to the ends of the earth.


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Alumnus Matthew’s Calling to Mongolia

Alumnus Matthew Ong in Mongolian Countryside during winter.

EAST Alumnus Matthew Ong graduated from EAST with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry in 2018. He received God’s calling to Mongolia through a pastor’s light-hearted response to a baby’s cry in his congregation, “Is there a Mongolian baby crying in our midst?” 

That question was God’s prompt in his heart back in 2014, which led to a friendship with the first Mongolian family (Luya and Tuul) attending his home church, Glory Presbyterian Church. Between then and now, Matthew has made four to five trips to Mongolia itself, getting to know the country and the people better. 

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Introducing Student Council President: Brandon Chan

Left to Right: Adeline, Brandon Chan, Brandon’s brother, Brandon’s sister-in-law Front row: Brandon’s dad and mum

Sports has always been a big part of my life. I always loved everything that is related to sports in general. Since I was a young boy, I would want to go to a park, a court, or an empty field. My parents even sent me to swimming lessons when I was seven years old. It was then no surprise that I took up studying sports at polytechnic and university. God led me to EAST through sports. A simple tennis game turned out to be a profound game changer.

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Experience of 1st Year MA Leadership Student from Mongolia

Boggii (Oyunbolor Munkhtuvshin), 1st year MA Leadership student & her family

Hi, my name is Boggii and I am a first-year student at EAST studying MA Leadership. As a mother of three young children, the last 10 years or so have been me feeding, changing tons of diapers, cooking, cleaning and driving kids to and from school. Many nights were sleepless and days endless, where I felt hopeless and weary not just physically but spiritually as well.

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