A for Aleph!

Front Row (L-R): Sze-Chieh Winslow, Ying Swant, Sherlyn Khongsai, Sofia Manee
Back row (L-R): Myo Zaw, Joshua MG, Sila Sethsophonkul, Rammungchan Phungsok, Soreichan Ningshen, Themreiso Lamlang Awungshi


Two weeks before we start the new academic year, we will hold an orientation program called Aleph for our new cohort of students. We warmly welcome our 13 new students! The international students from this cohort are from East Asia, India, Myanmar, Philippines, and Thailand.

Aleph – the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet – signifies a new start and more to come for our new students. This two-week program is an immersion experience to orientate and prepare them for the first semester at EAST.

Aleph was held from 28 June to 12 July. We kicked off with a Welcome Program, where our student council president started with a time of worship then followed by a simple yet fun ice breaker game to get everyone to remember each other’s name quickly!

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Alumna Naleng Real: Reflects on Recent Trip to EAST


Cambodian alumna Naleng Real who graduated in 2007 with a Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies has from time to time found it refreshing to return to EAST for an intensive course to re-tool herself when the opportunity arises. Recently in May, Naleng was able to attend her younger co-worker’s (Chakriya Sok) graduation at EAST’s 30th Commencement and attend Dr Guy Saffold’s Organisational Change Strategies intensive course. Below is a short reflection by Naleng.

Motivation to Return to EAST and Singapore

After EAST in Singapore, my journey with EAST has been profoundly impactful, and when the opportunity arose to return for an intensive course on Organizational Change Strategies, I eagerly seized it. This decision stemmed from my respect for the institution and my desire to further enhance my skills to benefit my ministry in Cambodia.The decision to return to EAST for the intensive course at EAST are the following. Firstly, the curriculum of the course, designed by Dr. Guy Saffold, addresses the challenges and strategies of organizational change within Christian ministries. It is highly relevant to my current role as a project director for the “Sustainability Project” at Fountain of Hope in Cambodia. The practical nature of the course promises to equip me with advanced skills to guide my organization through the necessary adaptations and transformations to ensure sustainability.

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Word of Mouth, Internet or Google?

Brandon Chan, 2024 MDiv in Intercultural Studies and Theological Studies; President’s Leadership Award and Academic Excellence Award recipient.


It started with a Google Map

Below is the story of how one of our students stumbled upon EAST, took on a visiting class, and how through his journey of faith, he took on leadership role as a Student Council President. In the recent 30th Commencement, he received not just an Academic Excellence Award but also the President’s Leadership Award for being a servant leader during his time at EAST.

A recent survey showed that most students found EAST through “word of mouth”, “internet search” and “EAST website”; 10% came through “others.”

Brandon Chan’s “others” was ‘Google Maps’.

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A Small Act of Kindness

Graduate Haimi Horam (right) with his fellow classmate Kim Hak Soo (left) from South Korea.

Haimi Horam (Manipur, North-East India), 46, who completed his last school modules back in India reminisces about the ones who made the difference to his EAST journey.

I still recall how I felt when I first touched down in Singapore in 2018. Everything was fast. New. Confusing.

               At my first class, I did not even know how to set up a Word document. But with help from my classmates and teachers, I progressed to creating Powerpoint and videos, and conducting Zoom outreaches (when Covid-19 hit).

               India has 1,400 unreached people groups (1.4 billion people); no way we can reach this country without also using online tools and approaches.

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Alumnus Jacob An: Global Aid Network Korea Director

EAST Alumnus Jacob An JangRyoel, currently director of Global Aid Network (GAiN) Korea, graduated from EAST with a Master of Divinity in Teaching and Exposition in May 1998. He recently visited EAST Campus at 118 Joo Chiat Road and EAST News had an opportunity to catch up with him. He had many wonderful memories of the old campus at 1 Dorset Road and he shared a few anecdotes, “In those days, the library staff would assign the library key to a student to open and close up the library in the mornings and evenings. I became the key man. I used to be the first to arrive at the library to open the door, and the last to leave who shut it up. I learned and practiced about sincerity, hard work, and responsibility during that time.”

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