Student Acceptance Process and Status

The following is an extract from the “ADMISSIONS INFORMATION” and “INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS” chapters of the Prospectus. Please review the above mentioned chapters for more detailed information.

Status Upon Acceptance

Applicants are notified of their status in a letter of acceptance.

  • Program Student – Students who have completed the admission process and been accepted into a BA, Grad Dip, MA, or MDiv program.
  • Program Student accepted with conditions – Students who have been provisionally accepted into a BA, Grad Dip, MA, or MDiv program but need to complete certain requirements.
  • PIM Certificate Student – Wives of seminary students or wives of men in full-time or bi-vocational ministry who have been accepted into the PIM Certificate program.
  • EFS Student – Students who meet EFS entrance requirements are accepted into an EFS program. Students who attend EFS as a condition of in-principle acceptance into an academic program must attain a minimum post-EFS English Proficiency Test score of 70.

Student Pass Application for International Students

Once an international applicant has been accepted into a program of study, the EAST Immigration Liaison Officer will apply for a Student Pass for the individual. The Student Pass application forms must be submitted to EAST properly filled and signed. EAST will not process incomplete forms or documents. Visit the EAST website and click “Prospective Students” and then click the “ICA Student Pass Application Forms and Checklist” to show specific forms and steps needed for completion.

See the “Singapore Immigration” section of the Prospectus for details of this important process.

Hospitalization and Surgical Insurance for International Students

All international students (and their dependent family members with them in Singapore) are required to have health insurance to cover hospitalization and surgical expenses in Singapore. This is available for international students through EAST. This is to ensure that the students and their family members will receive financial assistance if they are hospitalized or require surgery. An international student who already has an insurance or health policy which provides for hospitalization or surgery needs in Singapore may choose to opt out of the Hospital and Surgical Policy. See “Hospitalization and Surgical Insurance” section of the Prospectus for more information.

Financial Aid

The cost of education at EAST is underwritten through the generous gifts of churches, individuals, and foundations. Thus, all students receive some degree of financial aid.

Financial aid may be provided to qualified entering students who demonstrate Christian character, have proven ministry experience, strong academic potential, and would not be able to attend without financial aid. Most students who receive Financial Aid come from countries with limited financial resources.

No comprehensive scholarships are granted. Students receiving Financial Aid for tuition, living expenses, or both will need additional funds for transportation, housing, children’s education, immigration, health insurance, and other expenses.

Deadline for Students Applying for Financial Aid. The deadline for students who wish to be considered for financial assistance is 1 March. The deadline for residents of Singapore is 1 April. In order to be considered for financial aid a student must have all admissions documents submitted by these dates, including transcripts, references, and financial documents.

Financial aid applications will not be evaluated until admissions eligibility has been determined. (Please note that incomplete applications will not be reviewed until the form is submitted fully). Thus prospective students who wish to apply for financial aid should plan their admissions process accordingly. Financial aid applications submitted after the deadline may not be considered if funding has been awarded to others. Financial aid awarded to incoming international students will start at the beginning of EAST Aleph.


Updated to EAST Prospectus 2021-2024, June 2021.