Chapels, Start.

We have started Chapel on campus this semester with everyone gathering as a community to pray, worship, be encouraged by testimonies and be built up by the sharing of the Word.

We were glad to have our Dean of Academics, Rev Liong Kwok Wai encourage everyone about being a light unto the world as the opening message at the first Chapel. We were also glad to participate in Communion together as community at the start of this semester.

There will be several more sessions of Chapel to come, and we pray that they will continue to be fruitful, refreshing and encouraging to the EAST community and beyond.

EAST Community Gathers @ Aleph 2022


As we start a new academic year, EAST Aleph was held from July 1-15 for the cohort of new students. Aleph – the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet signifies a new start and more to come for our new students. This two-week immersion program aims to orientate the new students in several aspects – helping our international students to have a better understanding of cross-cultural living in Singapore, gain a better grasp of the various programs offered at EAST, and begin to experience and live out EAST values, etc.

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When I am weak


Yami Asai Shimray (India) recently graduated with an MDiv in Christian Ministry and also received the EAST Spiritual Multiplier Award. She served as part of the pastoral team at New Horizon Church. She was recently married to Mathingmi Hongchui in a beautiful wedding service at Grace Baptist Church. Both of them are deeply committed to build up the Church in India and beyond. Yami will leave for her DMin studies in Family Ministry at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, joining her husband who is reading a PhD (Christian Education in Family and Generational Studies) at the same seminary.  

Growing up in Manipur, India, ‘fear’ was not in Yami Shimray’s dictionary.

At six, she fell into a river during a riot but climbed back up “to everyone’s amazement”; at seven Dad passed away and she became Mummy’s helper at home while she worked; all through university and Masters degree in Tourism Management, she worked to support herself.

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Meet at the Well

Meet our Valedictorian Jasmine Lee Wan Shan, 36, from the recent 28th Commencement. She worships at Bethesda (Bedok-Tampines) Church and has graduated with a Master of Divinity in Christian Ministry.

Four years ago, Jasmine Lee and ladies in her cell group started a “Meet At The Well” ministry, which gathers believers from different churches for friendship and fellowship in the Word.

“The program centers around conversations that concern singles, within an informal setting of food, games and spiritual encouragement,” says Jasmine.

In a way, Jasmine’s stop at EAST has also been a “meet at the well” for her.

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Hearing Each Other Out in Inter-generational Dialogue

EAST and Capelle Church Equip recently hosted an inter-generational dialogue over the joys, challenges and hopes of Christian leaders across the generations.

The panel presented and interacted over three aspects of ministering across the generations. They engaged each other’s thoughts and constructively responded to a number of questions from the floor covering the generational challenges on multiple fronts. These include having conversations with (and between) children in the family, recognizing the merits of the different generations, having genuine interest and concern for the younger generations, responding well to leadership, recognizing the need to nurture upcoming generations, and cultivating a helpful culture of interaction that facilitates healthy conversations in the long run.

Each member of the panel represented a different age group covering the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. It was a lively discussion yet unifying and edifying in its desire to bless and which concluded with prayers of inter-generational blessings and thanksgiving.

May the event video be a usable resource for further discussion and prayer in your community.

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