Welcoming The Winslows Back!

The Winslows (L-R: Sze Chieh, Matthew, Alethea, Amber, Hudson)


Matthew and Sze Chieh Winslows together with their children Hudson, Amber and Alethea have spent the last six years in the United States as Matthew pursued his PhD Studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. While they were there, EAST News had done an interview with the family. Now that they are back, EAST welcomes the family back to EAST and find out how they are doing. Below is a short update.

  1. How has the transition been for your family from living in the US for the past six years?

Matthew: We really enjoyed our time in the US and had a great community there at our church in the Chicago area, so we miss our friends. I also love the change of seasons in the US and the space so I miss both of those things as well. But in coming back to Singapore, we have enjoyed reconnecting with old friends. We’ve also enjoyed eating some good Asian food here.

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New Graduate: Japheth Chew, Malaysia

Japheth Chew, Grad Dip in Intercultural Studies (2023)


“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page” (Saint Augustine).

Japheth Chew is no stranger to road trips.

Before EAST, he had lived in Brisbane (Australia), Kansas City (USA), and Swansea (Wales) for missions, worship and prayer training.

Besides serving for three years in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with YWAM and Open Doors, he ministered among the disadvantaged in Darjeeling (West Bengal), and Mother Theresa’s “Missionaries of Charities” in Calcutta for three months. He also served for a year in missions at Cornerstone Community Church in Singapore.

This early exposure has given him a hunger to “keep learning new things.”

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New Graduate: Sarah Angela Ong Pantaleon, Philippines

Sarah Angela Ong Pantaleon, MDiv Christian Ministry (2023)

“Sometimes the most scenic roads in life are the detours you didn’t mean to take” (Angela N. Blount, award-winning author)

Many classes at EAST have blessed Anj.

“Amy Lau’s ‘Bible Study Methods’ taught me to study God’s Word contextually,” she says, “and Dr Jeannette’s ‘Teaching’ class showed me how to write lesson plans.”

“These and many other classes are important for my future ministry,” she says.

But to move forward, Anj also discovered that she had to take a few steps back to “unlearn and learn.”

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New Graduates – Kim Hak-Soo & Park Ok-Hee, Korea

Kim Hak Soo (MDiv Christian Ministry) & Park Ok-Hee (Partners in Ministry)


“If life were a road trip, I conclude that the roughest, windiest and steepest roads lead us to the most breath-taking views” (Allie Penner, The Well Blog).

In 2019, Kim Hak-Soo was invited to a chapel service at EAST. As the worship team played, he felt a deep connection with God which extended that short tour into a four-year road trip.

One of the first things that impressed the associate pastor of Korean Church in Singapore was “Servant Leadership.” “I’d heard the term before,” says Hak Soo, “but at EAST I experienced it.”

“Through the teaching and lives of Leadership professors like Dr Chan, as we were invited to professors’ home for meals, and the camaraderie of my mentoring group guys in prayer and ministry weekends. I saw servant-leadership – the willingness to serve like Jesus – in action.”

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Reconnecting as a Community

We recently reconnected as a school community with a day of much fun with Mentoring Group outings and community games on campus. Having an all-school event at the end of the EAST Aleph (new student immersion exercise) has indeed been a conducive time for all of our staff and students to connect and start on journeying together this new semester.

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