Crossing Cultures Digitally with CCTI

One of EAST CCTI (Cross-Cultural Team Internship) teams this year crossed borders digitally to work with ministry partners in Cambodia to conduct sessions of outreach and equipping to communities of young people. The sessions covered leadership education, life skills, bible study and music as topics of interest for young people. Read the Team Cambodia ministry report here and watch the video above or click here.

CCTI ministry is typically cross-cultural as teams will be ministering to people groups of different languages and cultures. In addition, teamwork within CCTI teams is also cross-cultural because these teams are typically made up of students from different nations. On top of learning how best to communicate with each other in the team, each team must also plan and decide how best to minister in a cross-cultural setting. This is indeed a putting together of the heart, head and hands–the holistic approach of equipping at EAST.

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Crossing Cultures Digitally Today


Cross Cultural Team Internships: Cambodia, Philippines, & Timor Leste

One of the highlights of the school’s program is that students are required to participate in a Cross Cultural Team Internship (CCTI) program.  This is EAST’s ‘hands-on” experience for our students to experience ministering in a cross-cultural setting. Even though the students have experienced this in Singapore but we believe a different exposure will allow them to experience the diversity of ministering across borders and culture. The recent cohort of students were divided into two CCTI teams but with borders constraint, they can only do the trips digitally.

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CCTI 2021 – Reaching, Building and Praying with the Nations

CCTI is a core segment of our student programme at EAST. It stands for Cross-Cultural Team Internship, and the team ministry experience is truly cross-cultural–within the team and on the ministry field.

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