Reconnecting as a Community

We recently reconnected as a school community with a day of much fun with Mentoring Group outings and community games on campus. Having an all-school event at the end of the EAST Aleph (new student immersion exercise) has indeed been a conducive time for all of our staff and students to connect and start on journeying together this new semester.

The Mentoring Group outings were a way for our new students to integrate with returning students and faculty in an intercultural setting. We have been glad to be able to appreciate unique aspects of Singapore culture as an international community with staff and students coming from different parts of the world. Having such a diverse pool of cultural perspectives does help us appreciate each other’s cultures as a international community ready and willing to learn from each other.

As we learn how to build bridges of communication across cultures, we are glad that the ways of God can indeed cross cultures to bring about life and community transformation by the working of the Holy Spirit. We look forward to grow and learn together with students coming from all nations and cultures at EAST.

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