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This coming weekend, EAST Mentoring Groups (MGs) head out to various locations in the neighbouring region to serve and minister in a variety of contexts. These short ministry stints are opportunities for our program students to practice servant leadership and apply practical ministry skills together with their fellow MG members. Ministry Weekend is thus part of the holistic development of head, heart and hands in our students that puts classroom learning into hands-on practice.

Our Mentoring Groups will be serving in a culture outside of their own while learning how best to work together in teams. This provides a rich environment where team unity, conflict resolution, and growth can take place. Read more

EAST Mission Hub & Mentoring Group

Josephine Goh-Lew with her Mentoring Group


Intentional Development of Multicultural Communities and Ministries Through Mentoring Groups in the EAST Mission Hub

East Asia School of Theology (EAST) exists for the God-given mission to raise Christlike leaders for the Great Commission. For the past decades, EAST has been blessed with faculty, ministry staff and students coming from many nations such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Taiwan, India, Korea, Japan, Mongolia, America, Africa and others. As such, EAST is uniquely poised as an international multicultural learning community. They bring to EAST community the beautiful gift of their culture, contribute formatively to the students’ preparation for future missions and enhance the learning experiences for all at EAST.

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MG Ministry Weekend 2020 – Thanksgivings

We give thanks for the privilege of serving together as Mentoring Groups in the recent season of Ministry Weekend in September 2020! This is an annual time of coming together as Mentoring Groups to serve in ministry together either locally or abroad. We have gone online to reach communities in this unique season of safe distancing.

Our 9 Mentoring Groups and PIM (Partners in Ministry) team hosted 704 people at our webinars, which covered topics such as the discipling of our youth in today’s gadget world, the process of grieving, involving our whole family in worship at home, preparing and facilitating Bible study online, Biblical parenting and reaching out digitally.

A number of the webinars were collaborations with ministry practitioners and churches in India and Medan. We thank God for these partnerships abroad in this season of travel restrictions.

We also had collaborations with Cru Singapore staff for technical support and the equipping of our students with webinar hosting and emceeing skills. We are thankful for this training which has provided many of us with a much-needed familiarization with webinar platforms.

To everyone who has played a part in this years’ Ministry Weekend, a big THANK YOU to you for serving God in this ministry! The blessings of God be with you as you continue to journey with Him.

Here’s a video put together as our thanksgiving for Ministry Weekend 2020:

Asking the Right Questions in Facilitating Bible Study

In one of our recent Ministry Weekend webinars, our faculty Amy Lau spoke on using helpful questions as a way of engaging the text in Bible study. This was organised as part of an equipping series on the preparation and facilitation of online bible study.

One of the tips given was to use ‘who, what, why, when, where and how’ questions as a way of directing attention and facilitating the understanding of certain key points within the text in the Bible.

Here’s the video of this webinar for more details on this tip:

Useful Tips for Leading Online Bible Study

In one of our recent Ministry Weekend webinars, Jacob Li, our faculty was sharing a number of useful tips for leading bible study online. These are relevant for anyone using online platforms for teaching ministry.

Here’s a little snippet of the points covered:

Ask Questions

Sounds useful? Here’s a video of the session:

Shalom, and the Lord grant you effectiveness in your ministry online.

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