English for Seminarians


English for Seminarians (EFS) is an intensive English-language program. The EFS program was developed to provide resources for students who need to upgrade their English skills. In addition to attending class, the students usually participate in Chapel and schoolwide activities. Since many biblical, theological, and ministry resources are in English, the ability to speak, read, and write English is important for ministry leaders.

Target Group

The EFS program is appropriate for individuals who have done some study of the English language but do not have the ability to do seminary studies in English. While most students enter EFS with the intent of entering another program of study at EAST, the EFS program is also designed for those who wish to improve their English for use in church, parachurch, or cross-cultural ministry settings. These students participate in EFS for one or two semesters of study before returning to full-time ministry.

Those who have completed the EFS program now serve as ministry leaders, pastors, cross-cultural missionaries, church workers, and in the marketplace. Their English ability has increased the scope of their ministries.

Admissions Requirements

If an individual applying for EFS intends to enter another program of study at EAST, the individual must follow the usual EAST application process and meet the EAST admission standards. Both of these are stated in the “Admissions” section of this Prospectus. Admissions information specifically for international students is explained in the “International Students” section of the Prospectus.

Potential EFS applicants should carefully read information below regarding TOEFL or English Proficiency Test (EPT) scores needed to enter EFS studies at EAST.

Program Explanation

  • EFS is offered during the second semester (January-May) each year.
  • To be considered for admission to the EFS program the individual must score from 500 to 539 either on the TOEFL or the EAST Admissions English Proficiency Test (EPT).
  • Courses included in EFS are: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing skills.
  • Students entering EFS should plan on fifteen (15) hours of classes per week in addition to required participation in EAST community events (such as Chapel, EFS Mentoring Group, Day of Prayer, Student Council activities, etc.).
  • Cost for one semester of EFS is S$1,750.
  • Students planning to enter EFS should carefully read EAST’s policy for international students on weekly attendance at an English-speaking church or English-speaking Bible study/cell group. Participation in this is part of EFS. See policy on church attendance in the “International Student” section of the Prospectus.
  • Students intending to enter an EAST Bachelor’s or Masteral program should indicate their intention on the EFS application form.

Completion of EFS and Entrance into an EAST Program

Students who complete EFS are not automatically accepted into a Bachelor’s or Master’s program at EAST. All admissions requirements must be met before the student is considered for admission. In order to enter an EAST program after completing EFS, the student must obtain a minimum score of 70 on the EAST Post-EFS English Proficiency Test (EPT). The EPT will be administered near the end of EFS.

EFS students who wish to enter a Bachelor’s or Master’s program at EAST will not be considered for admission until all required documents have been submitted to the Admissions Officer. It is the responsibility of a student enrolled in EFS to ensure that all documents, including transcripts and references, have been submitted in a timely manner. For more information about admissions and entrance requirements, consult the “Admissions” section of this Prospectus.

An EFS student who scores 70 or higher on the Post-EFS EPT must meet all admissions requirements prior to consideration for acceptance into an EAST Bachelor’s or Master’s program.  (See “Admissions” section in this Prospectus for further details.)