Preparation for Departure

The following information is an extract from the Prospectus on “Preparation to Move to Singapore.”

Married International Applicants

All married international applicants, if accepted, must bring their spouse and dependent children with them to Singapore. EAST places a high value on the student’s marriage relationships and family life and views family life as a part of the student’s spiritual formation while at seminary.

Women who wish to enter the Partners in Ministry (PIM) Certificate program should submit the application form and pay the application fee prior to arrival. PIM provides training for wives alongside their husbands who are men in seminary study or men in full-time/bivocational ministry. (See “PIM Certificate Program” in the Prospectus for further details.)

Children of Married International Applicants

ICA requires foreign-born children aged 12 years and below to meet the Vaccination Verification Requirements. Submission of vaccination information is required with effect from 1 February 2019.

Student Pre-departure Preparations

Before departure from their country of origin, students are to carefully read and follow the instructions in the EAST International Students Pre-arrival Information. Being well prepared to move to Singapore and study at EAST will help ease the transition process for the student. New students should take the initiative to contact relevant EAST personnel listed in the pre-arrival information as needed.

Recommended Arrival Dates in Singapore

All international students should plan to arrive in Singapore at least one month before the start of EAST Aleph. EAST Aleph is two-week program for new students prior to the start of the academic year in July. (For the dates of EAST Aleph, see the “Academic Calendar” at the end of this document.)

For international students, the weeks prior to the start of EAST Aleph allows time to get settled, complete all immigration requirements, and become familiar with the city. A married student may want to arrive in Singapore before the spouse and children. This will allow him/her time to finalize housing and children’s schooling arrangements (see “Children’s Education” below).

Student Housing

EAST does not provide on-campus student housing. There are, however, a number of housing options available for international students. EAST has off-campus housing which provide subsidized rooms for needy students (singles only) at an affordable rate(subject to availability). Visit EAST website and click “Prospective Students” for the EAST Financial Aid Application form to apply for subsidized housing. Some churches and individuals make rooms or flats available at reduced costs for EAST students. Recent graduates leaving Singapore who know of reasonably priced housing inform EAST so the information can be passed on to incoming students. Please consult with the International Student Services Coordinator if you need assistance.

Children’s Education

There are other private schools that cater to international students as well. For estimated school fees, see “Estimated Costs for International Students” at the end of this Prospectus. Please contact the International Student Services Coordinator if you need assistance.

** For more updated information, visit Singapore’s Ministry of Education website on International Students Studying In Singapore Primary or Secondary Schools.

*** International students may also look into the websites of the Singapore International Korean School ( or Victory Life Christian School ( for updated information about school fees.