Seek God for the Future


Listening to Daniel Yoncer speak about his past, present and future plans, one gets a peek into a tender heart for people. “Back in uni days, my sis and I invited people to our home a lot, even people we hardly knew,” says Daniel, who tells you he can whip up a decent escargot a’ la Bourguignonne for his guests.

And the self-professed ‘introvert’ enjoys listening to people. “During the pandemic, God led many with needs to my path, and used them to grow my empathy.”

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North Indian Student: Worchuirin Horam

Worchuirin Horam at EAST Mission Hub, July 2022

Introducing another new student from North India, Worchuirin Horam, who is pursuing Master of Arts in Leadership. Her brother is an Alumnus Haimi Horam who studied Master of Arts in Christian Ministry. Below is a short interview with this petite lady with a big heart for God:

  1. What were you doing before you came to EAST?

I was a Secondary School Teacher in a mission school in North India before I came to EAST. I had worked as a missionary teacher for more than a decade in different schools. While I taught at school, I was a part time women counsellor in a women hostel from 2018-2021. I was also a Sunday school teacher from 2017-2019. I worked as an outreach and evangelism leader, Discipleship task group leader from 2012-2015 in North India. I also lived in an orphanage and spend a couple of years(2011-2013) to share my life with them, helped them, counselled them and prayed with them for two precious years with those precious girls. Read more

Amos Chew, our newest MALD student

L-R: Joel (brother), William (father), Julia (mother), Amos & Bernice (girlfriend)

This new academic year, we have about 10 new students from five different countries and Amos Chew is a Singaporean student who has enrolled for Master of Arts in Leadership (MALD). Below is a short Q&A to get to know him just a little better as he begins his journey of development through EAST.

1.     How did I find out about EAST, and came to study at EAST?

I found out about EAST from a friend! He was telling me about EAST and what he has studied and learnt there. I was interested in learning more of the Bible, so I went to look up the EAST website, browsed through the courses, and found the MALD program. I have always been fascinated about the topic on leadership and have always wanted to learn more. After looking at the modules and praying about it, I decided to enquire and apply. Like they said, the rest is history.

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Welcome and Smiles at Aleph 2022

We recently welcomed this semester’s new students on the first day of the EAST Aleph, which is our orientation program for new program students each academic year. Our Dean of Students, Rev Dr Casey Lok welcomed the new cohort on the first day of Aleph, and we had a brief round of introductions to hear from each new student as a way of introducing themselves to the EAST community. It is always an encouragement to hear how the hand of God was present in guiding our new students to EAST for their season of equipping.

Many of our new students come from different regions around the world. The intercultural friendships we have with students and alumni from all around the world which have greatly enriched our faith with the stories of how God has been journeying with them throughout their lives.

Again, a big welcome to our new students, and the Lord be ever-present with His grace throughout this new season of a learning journey at EAST!


Leadership 101


Bae Jaeseong came to EAST to learn how to be a better leader.

The former Cru Korea missionary to Japan and HR Administrator says he was attracted to the school’s leadership professors who are backed by a proven track record. “For example, our President, Rev Dr Chan, directed a fruitful ministry in East Asia for years; and Dr Roland was the national leader of Cru Singapore.”

As he looks back to his three years at EAST, Jaeseong is grateful for the many classes that developed his thinking as a leader. “I’m impressed by Dr Lewis’ class on denominations and theological views – what are the core and what are opinions; and Dr Samuel’s ‘Cultural Maps’ for cross-cultural understanding. So helpful.”

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