Partners-In-Ministry (PIM)


The PIM Certificate program was developed out of a firm conviction at EAST that married couples called into vocational ministry would benefit tremendously when they share the same vision and serve alongside each other. We recognize the vital role and immense contribution that wives have in complementing their husbands’ ministries. We seek, therefore, to inspire and equip wives to embrace passionately this calling.

The PIM program is designed to provide a learning environment to develop the wives as they seek to grow in partnership with their husbands. It helps ground them in their Identity-in-Christ & Christian character. It provides them biblical content to strengthen their perspective of God & their trust in Him. It gives them opportunities to discover and explore using their spiritual gifts in partnership with their husbands.

All wives, whose husbands are pursuing a degree program at EAST, whether in a full-time or part-time capacity, are strongly encouraged to work towards graduating with the PIM Certificate.

In accomplishing the PIM objective, we are adopting 3 common values for PIM to guide us in our attitudes and actions.

  1. Faith – We trust that God loves us unconditionally and has His good purposes in store for us. In trusting God, we are willing to surrender to His work of molding and transforming us more & more into the image of Jesus Christ.
  2. Hope – We live with hope in the midst of life’s challenges by having eternal perspectives and dwelling on God’s promises.
  3. Love – In response to God’s unconditional love for us, we love and accept one another amidst the different cultures and journeys we are at in life. We also reflect His love by serving one another.

Equipping of students’ wives is a core value at EAST. Because of this, there are no program classes scheduled on Mondays to allow the husbands to care for the children. This frees mothers with children to attend PIM classes and Mentoring groups.

A wife who wishes to enter the PIM program should complete an application form and make the necessary registration payments before she can be admitted to the program.

The following requirements must be met in order to obtain a PIM certificate

  • Completion of 16 credits
  • Active involvement in a PIM wives’ Mentoring Group
  • Involvement in PIM activities
  • Payment of all fees



Course Title Course Name # of Credits
BS411 Bible Study Methods 3
LF400 Becoming What God Intended 1 (Establishing Our Identity in Christ) 3
LF401 Becoming What God Intended 2 (Developing Life Skills for living out our Identity in Christ) 3
LF404 Being a Partner in Ministry 1
LF411 The Significant Woman 2
LF471 PIM Mentoring Group 1 1
LF472 PIM Mentoring Group 2 1
LF473 PIM Mentoring Group 3 1
LF474 PIM Mentoring Group 4 1


Bible Study Methods

This course will look at basic bible study methods through careful observation, interpretation and application of scriptures. By the end of the course, students will learn to glean valuable biblical principles from God’s inspired Word. In addition, they will be able to effectively communicate those principles with others by preparing & presenting an engaging and well-crafted short message.

Becoming What God Intended 1 & 2
This is an intense discipleship process that uses the Aphesis Immersion Process materials. Aphesis is a Greek word meaning release from bondage. The discipleship process focuses on the heart, and how God’s truths are integrated into the believers’ lives. It helps believers to “put off the old man and put on the new” according to Paul’s words in Ephesians 4:22. In the process, it helps ground them in their Identity-in-Christ, and helps them develop life skills to live out their identity in Christ.

Being a Partner-in-Ministry
This course looks into the unique challenges and needs of a wife as a partner-in-ministry to her husband in full-time Christian ministry; and presents biblical ways of responding to the challenges.

The Significant Woman
This course helps women grow in their relationship with God and become more of who God created them to be; and discover and explore what He has called them to do.

PIM Mentoring Groups
All wives enrolled in PIM are assigned to a PIM Mentoring Group. These groups meet each Monday after the PIM class. Each group is led by one or more experienced mentors. In addition, peer mentoring occurs as the women in the groups learn from each other.

In order to receive credit for any PIM class, a participant must attend at least 80% of the class sessions.

A PIM student who has completed the 16 credits required for a PIM certificate but has not yet graduated is encouraged to audit classes that will be of benefit for her future ministry situation.