Jul-Nov 2020 Class Information is Now Available!





All Day and Evening Courses listed are valid for the semester of 20 July to 20 November 2020. Classes are either fully online or blended depending on situation. Register here or click on the course title for more details. Registration deadline is Monday, 13 July 2020. If you have queries, please contact us.

Courses with hash sign (#) are fully online classes for the semester. Others may be blended, a combination of online and in-person classes, depending on situation. Do note certain classes may require audit students to complete certain assignments to maximise their learning experience.

Evening Courses

  • #Shepherd Care (LF545, 3 credits) – Registration is Closed for Audit Students (Free8Online)
  • #Exposition of Romans (NT535, 3 credits)

Day Courses

Partners in Ministry Day Courses

Intensive Courses:

All Intensive Courses listed are scheduled for Wednesday, 25 November to Friday, 4 December 2020. You may register online or click on each course title for more details. Registration deadline for Intensive Courses is Wednesday, 18 November 2020.



Textbooks for the above courses are listed here. Please note that no additional copies of textbooks will be available for sale during class time besides those available with prior confirmed textbook orders.

Maximum Class Size

Depending on the faculty and size of facility, each course may have a class size limit. You will be informed by the Registrar Office if the course that you seek to register has reached the maximum class size.

Please note the following dates in EAST’s academic calendar:

  • Rest Week: 1-4 September, 2020
  • Make-Up Week: 7-11 September, 2020
  • Make-Up/Reading Week: 9-13 November 2020
  • Exam Week: 17-20 November, 2020


Registration, Payment and Textbooks


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