Reflections on Gender & Sexuality in Christian Ministry Class


The Study on Gender & Sexuality in Christian Ministry online course was recently conducted by Dr Heng Hwee Chuang, an EAST Adjunct Faculty. Below are some reflections from her students regarding what they have gleaned from the eight-day intensive course.

Chakriya Sok, an EAST Cambodian student, said, “Attending the Gender and Sexuality class as taught by Dr Hwee Chuang has been a fantastic experience. My professor is a knowledgeable and experienced individual on the subject. I appreciate how she simplifies complex concepts, making them easy to understand. Her kind interactions and encouragement added to my enjoyment of the class.”

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EAST IMPACT inaugural cohort


A New Way of Getting a Theological Education

July was a month bustling with excitement at EAST. Not only did we begin a new school year with new students in our resident school, we also welcomed our inaugural cohort of 16 students to our EAST IMPACT program.

What is IMPACT? It is a new model of accredited theological training that is self-paced, adaptive to the learner’s ministry context and competency-based. It is catered to practitioners in ministry who would like to be equipped theologically while still serving in their respective mission fields. For the learning to be effective, every IMPACT program student would have a mentor team of three, comprising of a Faculty mentor, a Vocational mentor and a Life mentor. This mentor team will help the student grasp the “Content, Craft and Character” that he is learning. As the curriculum is self-paced, the student can take as short as a few months to as long as he needs to earn his degree.

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Introduction to Counselling – Online PIM Day Course

Introduction to Counselling (LF366A, 1 Credit, Online)
17 July to 17 November 2023, Mondays, 4.15 pm-5.45 pm 

The course includes exposure to the importance of Scriptures in the care of souls, the practice of basic listening skills, attentive behavior, and asking good questions to aid one’s personal life circumstances, and use of the same concept in their soul care ministry.  Classes will begin on 17 July and will meet for 7 sessions, at alternate weeks.

Registration deadline is Friday, 7 July 2023.

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Becoming What God Intended – Online PIM Day Course

Becoming What God Intended (LF300, 3 Credits, Online)
17 July to 17 November 2023, Mondays, 1.30 pm-3.30 pm 

Looks at Scriptures to understand the need for us to become what God intended for us at creation.  It takes an in depth look at what has gone wrong with the human race since the Fall.  It then looks at what God has done to bring about what He intended for us — A New Creation in Christ.  The process of learning includes both head knowledge and heart involvement so that lessons learned can be integrated and lived out in the learner’s life.

Registration deadline is Friday, 7 July 2023.

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Old Testament Poetry, Wisdom, & Prophets – Onsite Day Course

Old Testament Poetry, Wisdom, & Prophets (OT511, 3 Credits, Onsite)
17 July to 17 November 2023, Fridays, 1.30 pm-4.30 pm

Expositional study of the poetic, wisdom, and prophetic books of the Old Testament (Job through Malachi) giving attention to theological themes and motifs.  Emphasis will also be given to interpretation of these genres with attention to various elements such as literary, historical, political, and cultural context as well as relationship to the New Testament.  Prerequisite: BS510 Bible Study Methods & Hermeneutics.

Registration deadline is Friday, 7 July 2023.

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