EAST Student Council: Serving as unto the Lord

L-R: Mikeel Arana (President), Rebecca Chen (Treasurer), Japheth Chew (Vice-President) and Anj Pantaleon (Prayer Co-ordinator)


At a recent EAST Student Council’s Annual General Meeting, we had a time of appreciation for our Student Council (SC) 2022-2023 members who have been faithfully serving the EAST community over the past year. We have been very blessed with the zest, joy, community spirit and prayerful ministry that the SC has brought into the EAST community.

This outgoing cohort of SC is made up of international students from around Asia. We have witnessed a high level of synergy when this team came together to serve and lead the EAST community. This synergy was felt by the entire school, and it has energized all through the times of celebration fellowship, worship, and community games. The SC had also sensitively led us through prayer sessions in refocusing on God amidst the stress of studies and frenzy of activities.

As the SC concludes a year of service and prepares to hand over responsibilities to a new team, we want to give thanks and recognize the ministry of this team of students who have faithfully carried out the responsibilities entrusted to them over their term of appointment. These students have found it a joy to serve together and had fun doing so, even through times of routine chores like replenishing refreshments at the Agape Room (a lounge for students and staff).

The SC is an EAST platform in developing students how to better serve and lead as an holistic exercise of the head, heart and hands that blesses the school community. In a multi-cultural environment, they also learn how to minister in cross-cultural settings effectively. This multi-cultural nature of our school community helps to sensitize our students and equips them to minister cross-culturally with a vision in reaching the nations beyond their immediate ministry.

The EAST Community is grateful to Rev Dr Casey Lok, Dean of Students, who has been shepherding the Student Council 2022-2023. The SC is led by Mikeel Arana (President), and assisted by Japheth Chew (Vice President), Rebecca Chen (Treasurer), Anj Pantaleon (Prayer Coordinator) and Brandon Chan (Volunteer Mentor).


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