MG Ministry Weekend – Building Up the Body of Christ


One of the distinctives of EAST is MG (Mentoring Group) Ministry Weekend, when students, with guidance from mentors, gain ministry experience at regional locations in partnership with local churches and ministries. The students are part of EAST MGs with faculty as the MG Leaders. In the words of Mrs Josephine Goh, EAST Director of MG, “Ministry Weekend is a valuable time to behold God’s faithful love for his people in Asia! It is also a timely pause for our students to apply what they have learned in classes; truly a time of ‘intentional mentoring and enhanced learning without walls’ experience.”

This year, from 14 to 19 September, there were five teams that ministered in three countries: Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand. What did they do at these locales and how was the experience beneficial to the team members and the hosts?

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Prayer Pointers 7 September 2023


How may you reap bountifully in the Lord?

“And a harvest of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace”. James 3:18 – ESV.

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EAST Ministry Weekend 2022


The world is entering a new ‘normalcy’ of living with the Covid 19 endemic.  Borders restrictions are lifted in most countries and we are seeing a travel ‘revenge’ after battling the Covid 19 pandemic the past three years. The Office of Mentoring at EAST, which used to send Mentoring Groups (MG) for weekend mission trips, decided that by faith, they will start these trips again. Six MGs were divided into five teams and they were sent to Medan, Batam, & Jakarta in Indonesia, Chiang Rai in Thailand and Sarawak in East Malaysia during the Sept 16 – 19 weekend. These trips aimed to help each group to learn precious lessons in  “classroom without walls” settings – bonding with each other, serving together, enhancing the faculty mentors’ and students’ spiritual formation in their lives, relationships, service, and reflection of their walk with God.

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Mentoring Groups, Go Forth!


This coming weekend, EAST Mentoring Groups (MGs) head out to various locations in the neighbouring region to serve and minister in a variety of contexts. These short ministry stints are opportunities for our program students to practice servant leadership and apply practical ministry skills together with their fellow MG members. Ministry Weekend is thus part of the holistic development of head, heart and hands in our students that puts classroom learning into hands-on practice.

Our Mentoring Groups will be serving in a culture outside of their own while learning how best to work together in teams. This provides a rich environment where team unity, conflict resolution, and growth can take place. Read more

Ministry Weekend 2021: Drawn to see God’s Heart


Below is a reflection of the MG (Mentoring Group) Ministry Weekend by Dr Jeannette Shubert, EAST Associate Academic Dean, as she recounts the experiences and learning by students and faculty.

Teamwork. Faith-stretching. Cross-cultural. Partnership. Learning. The size of these words expanded as EAST students and faculty contributed to an online Word Cloud during a recent Chapel service. The Word Cloud highlighted repeated responses to the question, “What three words would you use to describe MG (Mentoring Group) Ministry Weekend?”

Each September, East Asia School of Theology (EAST) suspends classes as MGs, comprised of faculty and students, partner with churches and ministries in Singapore and nearby countries for Ministry Weekend.

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