MA Theological Studies


The Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MATS) is a 65-credit hour program designed to equip individuals who want to have a deeper understanding of the doctrines and practices of the Christian faith, how to relate these effectively to contemporary life, and how to persuasively share the Gospel and defend the faith against error.  Through MA studies the student also integrates additional biblical studies, ministry experience, as well as personal and leadership development.

Target Group

The MATS is best suited for those seeking to relate biblical doctrine and Christian practices to contemporary life and society. This program is helpful for those who seek to present the Gospel and defend the Christian Faith in a relevant and compelling manner in a variety of contexts and to various audiences. It is designed for those who anticipate sharing and defending the faith in oral, written, and/or online contexts; teaching in community, church, or educational settings; as well as individuals who anticipate going on for further theological studies.

Admissions Requirements

The individual applying for the MATS must follow the usual EAST application process and meet the MATS admissions standards. Both of these are stated in the “Admissions” section of this Prospectus. Additional admissions information for international students is explained in the “International Students” section of the Prospectus.

Program Explanation

EAST Aleph (Summer) LF500 Research and Writing for Christian Leadership 2
IS400 Evangelism and Follow-Up Seminar NC
1st Year 1st Semester 2nd Semester
BS510 Bible Study Methods and Hermeneutics 3 OT510 Old Testament Narratives 3
LF510 Christian Leadership Foundations 3 LF560 Christian Marriage and Family in Asia 3
IS501 Building Spiritual Movements 3 LF580 Cross-Cultural Team Internship 1 1
TS560 Worldview and Biblical Decision Making 2 IS510 World Missions 2
TS532 Spiritual Life and Transformation 3
Emphasis Course: TS500 Church History 1 3 Emphasis Course: TS501 Church History 2 3
LF570 Mentoring Group 1 1 LF570 Mentoring Group 2 1
Summer LF581 Cross-Cultural Team Internship 2 2
2nd Year 1st Semester 2nd Semester
TS510 Theology 1 3 TS511 Theology 2 3
OT511 Old Testament Poetry, Wisdom, and Prophets 3 NT511 New Testament Epistles and Revelation  3
NT510 New Testament Narratives  3 Emphasis Course: TS561 Church, Society and Ethical Issues in Asia 3
LF530 Teaching and Learning 1


LF555 Expository Preaching 1

2 Emphasis Course 2
Emphasis Course: TS506 Theological Methods 3 LF597 Summative Learning Project 1
LF582 Field Practicum & FIRM 1– one credit per semester 2
LF570 Mentoring Group 3 1 LF570 Mentoring Group 4 1

Theological Studies Emphasis Courses

TS500 Church History 1 (3 Credits)

TS501 Church History 2 (3 credits)

TS506 Theological Methods (3 credits)

TS561 Church, Society and Ethical Issues in Asia (3 Credits)

Theological Studies Emphasis Course (2 Credits)

Course Description Information

For further information and description of each of the MATS classes, refer to the appropriate section of the “Course Descriptions” section of this Prospectus.

Distribution Requirements 

Biblical Studies (BS, OT, NT)                                               15 credits

BS510, OT510, OT511, NT510, NT511

Intercultural Studies (IS)                                                       5 credits

IS400, IS501, IS510

Leadership Studies (LF)                                                      10 credits

LF500, LF510, LF530 or LF555, LF560

Formation (LF)                                                                    10 credits

LF570, LF 580, LF581, LF582, LF597

Theological Studies (TS)                                                     11 credits

TS510, TS511, TS532, TS560

Theological Studies Emphasis Courses                              14 credits

                                                                                            65 credits

Time Limit for Degree Completion

A student has a maximum of five (5) years to complete a MATS from the date of matriculation at EAST.

Graduation Requirements

The following are requirements in order to graduate with a MATS:

  • Completion work of all coursework (65 credits) with a grade of C- or higher
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Demonstrate character and ministry skills appropriate for an EAST graduate
  • Approval by the faculty
  • Payment of all fees