Thank You Teachers!


We celebrate and remember our teachers at EAST who share their lives and mentor us closely in our Mentoring Groups as we go through our journey of equipping at EAST.

Thanks be to God for putting mentors in our lives!

Photos courtesy of Tan Eng Kwang

The Garden of EAST

The garden at EAST gives us moments of refreshment and inspiration! It comes with being part of EAST, where we are reminded about the value of #rest and #reflection in our spiritual formation. Selah.

Dr Roland Tan, our Resident Faculty on Leadership and respected spiritual leader, is the resident botanist who lovingly sculpts and tends to our garden plot. Inspired students voluntarily give their time and elbow grease to bring creation’s beauty to the green corner of our campus. Shalom.

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Photos courtesy of Tan Eng Kwang

Is the New Testament Impacting You & This Generation?

Would you like to learn how to gain insights from the New Testament Church and apply them in our present generation? Learn from experienced practitioners of the gospel and who are gifted and qualified to teach accurately the Word of Truth!

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Photos show a New Testament Epistles & Revelation class taught by Ms Amy Lau (top) and the same class with Dr Keith Shubert (bottom). Photo courtesy of Isaac Yamin.

EAST MDiv Programs to take you further

A Master of Divinity program at EAST prepares you to run further in life and ministry.

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Further Your Equipping with EAST MA Programs

EAST offers a range of Master of Arts programs which equips you for ministry in the long haul.

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