Missionary Mei-Mei in Macau

Alumna Mei-Mei Lee, who grew up in San Francisco and served for eight years as a missionary in Macau with Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF), came to EAST to obtain her Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies over a decade ago. Back in 2009, Mei-Mei applied to a Baptist college in Singapore for a full-time program but was unsuccessful as the college lacked the resources to offer her a full-time program. At the time, CEF had given her only two years of study leave to complete her degree. By God’s divine appointment and her mentors’ recommendation, she applied to EAST instead and though EAST may not have been her first choice for theological studies, it was God’s choice for her. According to Mei-Mei, “God’s choice is the best choice!”

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Cheering Chin Leng on!

Lim Chin Leng, EAST Alumnus from Class of 2008, with daughter Jayna.

EAST Alumnus Chin Leng has recently been diagnosed with Stage 3 Pancreatic Cancer and this has been a shocking news to his family and our community at EAST. However, Chin Leng has remained positive and is taking the Straits Times Virtual Run Challenge of 17.5KM, setting a goal to complete it within these two weeks as a #chemowarrior.

His daughter Jayna has written a heartfelt poem regards to her dad’s condition titled, “I Hate Cancer.” Below is the poem she has penned.

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Alumna Debbie Tan Serving in Spain

Debbie is in the front row, on the left


In 2014, Alumna Debbie Tan graduated with a Graduate Diploma in Biblical Studies and now resides in Costa del Sol, a “comarca” (county) in southern Spain. She is involved in running a weekly Spanish bible study group for about six people. Additionally, she has reached out to a gentleman named Jim in his seventies who had relocated to the UK due to his wife’s infirmities. She supports him and his wife by holding a Wednesday bible study with Jim and a few friends.

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Alumna: Soft Hearts and Childlike Faithfulness

“I  see people serving God with soft hearts and childlike faithfulness,” says Fang Fang, 41 then. “That really touched my life.” The psychotherapist who worked among mentally-ill people in a mountainous region in East Asia for nine years as a missionary always knew that God made her for “hard places.” Yet, there is a hard place that she is terrified of – “the hardness of heart.”

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Alumnus: Japanese TCK Tak


Takashi (Tak) Funatogawa (japan) came to Singapore through the encouragement of Rev Edmund Chan to serve as an intern in Covenant EFC, and, a year later, to study in EAST. While studying, he and his wife, Suzuko, worked with a team of locals and Japanese to reach out to 32,000 Japanese expatriates and their families, through outreach and informal home meetings.

The former EAST Student Council President (2015) spent most of his formative years in the UK, and the USA. “As a third-culture-kid,” he says, “I know what it feels like to be an outsider.”

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