Updates from an Alumnus who served in Central Asia

EAST News caught up with our alumnus Jonathan and his wife Michelle (not their real names) who have been serving in an adopted country within Central Asia for over 5 years. Jonathan had graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry. Last year, he and his wife returned to Singapore due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Below is an interview with them regards to how Covid-19 has changed their lives.

  1.  How has Covid affected your work in missions?

Our cell phones beeped!  A message from the Singapore Embassy came into our WhatsApp chat group for Singaporeans in the creative access country where we served.  What caught our eyes was this sentence, “I would strongly urge all Singapore Residents on non-essential business to seriously consider returning home expeditiously.”  Something does not feel right and our antennas went up!  That was back in March 2020.

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News from Alumnus in Chiang Mai

(From Left to Right) Alumnus Park Chun Seek, his wife Sunny, son David and daughter Jessica

Alumnus Park Chun Seek who graduated with a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies in 2010 has been faithfully serving in Chiang Mai with Thailand Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) for the past decade. EAST News recently caught up with him over a short interview below.

  1. What kept you busy in terms of ministry, family and church especially in the past year when Covid-19 happened?

My wife and I are currently doing ministry in Chiang Mai, Thailand. After graduating from EAST in 2010 and receiving missionary training in Singapore in 2011, I arrived in Thailand in July, 2011. Currently, I am a part of Leadership Development Human Resource (LDHR) Department in Thailand CCC, doing Leadership Development ministry. Both of my children, Jessica and David, graduated from a high school in Chiang Mai. Jessica studied Music Education and is now working as a music teacher in Grace International School in Chiang Mai where she used to attend. She is a Professional Missionary sent by KCCC. David is currently attending a university in the US, studying Applied Mathematics.

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Faculty Presentation: Reflexivity in Ministry Practice


Join our faculty, Dr Lau Ying Kheng, as she presents a paper on “Encouraging Singaporean Seminary Students to Use Reflexivity in their Ministry Practice” at the following webinar. The talk is on reflexivity in ministry: how we must make on-the-go changes of strategy and approaches as we do ministry in an ever-changing world.

To view the presentation, visit the ATA Facebook page or YouTube channel:

The presentation is part of “Asia New Scholars Resources Webinar” co-organised by EAST accrediting agency, Asia Theological Association (ATA), and Asia Graduate School of Theology Alliance (AGSTA). EAST is a corporate member of AGSTA and has partnered with the latter in offering advanced degree programs in Asia.

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Update from Hong Kong Alumnus

Alumnus Ps David Sun and wife Veronica

Recently, EAST News caught up with our Hong Kong Alumnus Ps David Sun who graduated from EAST in 2019 with a Master of Divinity in Intercultural Studies. Below is a short interview:

  1. Being from Hong Kong, what had led you to EAST five years ago?
  • I believe the Lord has led me to study at EAST in 2016.

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Catching up with Alumna from Manila

Guia Karla Gonzales, MA in Christian Ministry, 2016

It has been nearly five years since Guia has graduated from EAST and we recently caught up with this lady who has been busy in the media industry and has been stationed in Manila over the past year due to the worldwide pandemic. Guia Karla Gonzales graduated from EAST with an MA in Christian Ministry in 2016. Below is an interview with her along with some prayer requests:

  1. What have you been keeping busy with since graduating from EAST?

I have had the pleasure and privilege of producing content – various media, mostly videos – for Christian organisations. By producing, I mean a combination of research & writing (or co-writing), creative direction, production management, and team building. Sometimes I get to shape and see-through strategies for marketing and distribution of content, but often I leave that to the expertise of the organisations who are more familiar with their audiences.

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