Faculty Josephine Lew: Living A Spirit-filled Life


How can the Pentecost that happened more than 2,000 years ago revolutionise our Christian living even today?

Ms Josephine Lew, an EAST Resident Faculty and Director of Mentoring Group, wrote of the origins of Pentecost and how the presence and power of the Holy Spirit may be made manifest today. Pentecost is usually celebrated 50 days after the Jewish Passover, typically in May. From the book of Acts, it recorded the outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit upon the early believers at the very first Pentecost. This resulted in the followers of Christ being transformed through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

From that very first Pentecost, believers are mandated to live in the power of the Holy Spirit by faith as an act of the will to fulfill God-given purposes for their lives.

How then does one live a Holy Spirit empowered life?

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The Transformers: A Tribute to Teachers



Life is More Than Just Assignment

“A little past midnight last night, I was contemplating whether to work on Dr Ying Kheng’s assignment that was due today or go to sleep. Suddenly, I remembered what Dr Ying Kheng said awhile back: ‘Life is more than just assignments.’ With that reminder, I went to bed to get some rest, tired from working on assignments.” Elijah, one of my classmates, shared this story in our student lounge during our afternoon class break. We all had a good chuckle.

Through Elijah’s story and Dr Ying Kheng’s wisdom, I was reminded that life is more than just assignments. As seminary students, we can easily lose ourselves to assignments and tasks while negating the more important things: our relationship with God and others.

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Launching out – Jacob & Josephine Li

Photo credit: Deborah Quek


Jacob and Josephine (Josie) Li arrived in Singapore from Vancouver in 2015 to join EAST as Faculty members. Together with their young children in tow, Josiah and Jesse (5 and 1 year old respectively), they began their lives in sunny Singapore. Both of them graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary, Jacob with his Master of Theology (ThM) and Josephine with her Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (MABS). Prior to entering seminary, Jacob was involved in real estate development while Josie was into interior design. Due to their desire to honour and serve their aging parents, they have decided to return to Vancouver to be with them at the end of June 2023 after serving in EAST for the past 8 years. While being back in Vancouver, they will still be very much involved in the ministries they are in since EAST. As well, for Jacob, he will continue to serve on the leadership team of Asia Theological Association while Josephine will run her Sisters in Ministry (SIM) Toolbox that offers online workshops for sisters from different nations.

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No Perfect Time to Serve God But Now!

L-R: Toe, Mag, Annie with Noa (11 months), Siyi with Eli (2yrs 8mths), Gus

EAST News caught up with one of EAST’s longest serving Resident Faculty Toe and Magdalene (Mag) Set who have served in EAST since 2006 and joined Cru since 1986. They have just received their 35 years long service award from Cru Singapore. Toe and Mag have two adult children Gus and Annie, a daughter-in-law Siyi and two grandchildren: Eli (boy) and Noa (girl).

Below is an account by Mag of how the Lord led both of them to serve in Myanmar and began serving in the Cru ministry there in the early 1990s. They were there for six years and began the Campus ministry and new Staff Training Centre in the mid 1990s. They also started local staff training in campuses over three different cities during that time. Also, in 2014, they were back in their beloved Myanmar for sabbatical, teaching in Myanmar Institute of Christian Theology. In 2002-2006, Toe went to Dallas Theological Seminary to obtain his Masters of Theology and soon returned to join EAST afterwards as resident faculty. However, his ministry to the staff in Myanmar continues to this day via digital means. Do continue to pray for their family and ministry.

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Welcome EAST’s newest Faculty: Roy Tan

L-R: Roy, Gloria (daughter), Eunice (daughter-in-law), Bee Lay (wife), Ryan (son)


EAST News welcomes Roy Tan (EdD Studies in Child & Family Development) as our newest Resident Faculty Member, although Roy is neither new to EAST nor Christian Ministry. He has joined EAST since September 2019 and served in Navigators for 22 years as staff, was a pastor in a local church (Neighbourhood Church) for 8 years, and even worked as a Clerk of Works in the army all prior to joining EAST. Since joining EAST, he has co-taught the Shepherd Care class with Dr Casey Lok for three cycles and given personal counselling sessions to dozens of students as part of the course assignment to enable students to work through life issues and understand their own temperaments and giftings better.

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