ETHOS Annual Conference 2021: The Triune God

Dr Lewis Winkler, EAST Resident Faculty, spoke on Zoom at the ETHOS Annual Conference on the theme of the Triune God (25 September 2021). He is a lecturer in theological and historical studies.

Dr Winkler singled out the theological concept of perichoretic love as a means to enhance a deeper understanding of the Trinity.

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EAST eOpen House 2022


EAST eOpen House | 19 February 2022 | 9.30am (open until 12.30 pm)

Have you been considering seminary studies, but are unsure about what to expect? Come for the interactive EAST eOpen House 2022 to find out more! Registration will be open soon. Please email us ( so that we can update you accordingly.

Join our welcoming plenary session to participate in discussions with our lecturers, current students and alumni about the EAST learning experience.

Subsequent Focus Breakouts will allow you to explore the various disciplines to your heart’s content with our lecturers and alumni. Join as many as you want as each discipline will have it’s own dedicated time and room.

Enter the Student Lounge where our current students, alumni, and other staff are around to help you with questions you may have about life at EAST. Local and international prospective students are welcome to join the Admissions and Immigration Lounge too.

Go and interact with our GO EAST Information Wall which has stories and details of our school.

EAST is a missional seminary which aims to develop Christ-like servant leaders for the Great Commission.

We look forward to seeing you at EAST eOpen House 2022!


8 Life Hacks on Online Education and Facilitation


EPISODE 1: HACK #1 – CHUNK CONTENT, is out today!

Learn about the “8 Life Hacks on Online Education and Facilitation” by EAST Resident Faculty, Mr Jacob Li with A sequenced release on EAST Instagram.

It is happening every Tuesday and Thursday for the next 5 weeks beginning 9/9/2021. Each video is only 4-8 mins. long but packed with great tips and treats.

All on Instagram TV (IGTV) –

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Singapore National Day Parade 2021


The theme for Singapore National Day Parade 2021 (NDP2021) is “Together Our Singapore Spirit.” It was postponed this year due to COVID-19 “Heightened Alert” restrictions to 21 August 2021 (traditionally it was held on the National Day, 9th August). It was very well done even with the constraints of the parade’s rehearsals and performance being executed with safe management measures in place. We pray for a Singapore spirit that reflects the righteous compassion of Psalm 33:12 and practice the merciful justice of Micah 6:8.

According to the “live” broadcast blurb, NDP2021 is about the “Singapore Spirit.” Through three locally produced animated short films, “the show captures the pain of isolation and hardship experienced by several individuals, the struggles they faced to survive and the friends they made that helped them triumph.” The NDP is thus a reflection on Singapore’s past and a review of the way ahead.

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Happy 56th National Day, Singapore!


Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,
the people whom he has chosen as his heritage!
– Psalm 33:12, ESV

Happy 56th Birthday, Singapore! Together our Singapore Spirit! God bless our Nation! 🇸🇬

Let’s celebrate our unity as a country of diverse cultures.

Together, we will rise from these uncertain times… we did it before, and we will do it again.

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