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How does one succinctly convey theological truths applicable to believers from different walks of life?

One method EAST has chosen to use is through the production and dissemination of podcasts.* The discussion format, length, and accessibility of each episode of podcast makes it easily available and digestible by followers of Christ.

Each series of EAST podcast seeks to address scriptural and theological understanding of a subject matter relevant to contemporary cultures or contexts. We bring in panel members who are knowledgeable in their fields of endeavour together with other lay leaders. Both are committed to appropriate application of theological truths. At other times, it may be a lively discussion between seasoned theologians but always with the understanding that it would be accessible and applicable to believers. Read more

重回真我(线上)| Becoming What God Intended – PIM Online Course (Chinese)

重回真我:成为合神心意(线上)| Becoming What God Intended (Online)
LF300, 2学分 | LF300, 2 Credits
星期一 9月25日至11月6日 晚上 7-9.30 | Mondays, 25 Sep – 6 Nov, 7.00-9.30 pm 


报名截止日期:2023 年 9 月 20 日,星期三

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Theological Discussion Lunch – August 2023

Would you like to discuss contemporary theological issues over informal lunches?

EAST’s theology faculty conduct theological discussion lunches on selected Tuesdays. The topic for each discussion is usually selected by the students. You are most welcome to join in.

For the month of August 2023, here are the topics:

22nd – The church’s role in raising up the next generation
29th – Denominations: good or bad?

Please bring your own lunch for the informal discussions:
Time: 12.15 PM – 1.15 PM on selected Tuesdays (see above dates)
Venue: Room 302, East Asia School of Theology (see map – www.east.ac/map)


Heart to Heart: One Church’s Inter-generational Journey

L-R: Ms Charissa, Rev Dr Henry Wong, Ms Ting Siew Lee


What does it take for the generations to walk together in unity?

Covenant Presbyterian Church (CPC) has been on a journey to foster inter-generational connections. Pastor Rev Dr Henry Wong and Ms Charissa, a next-generation lay leader, shared their journey and learning insights in a fireside chat facilitated by Ms Ting Siew Lee of Capelle’s Church Equip on 8 August 2023 at East Asia School of Theology. This was followed by breakouts into three smaller groups for guided discussions.

Church leaders and pastors from some 28 denominational and independent churches were in attendance for the event. During the breakouts, Pastor Henry, Charissa, and a church Elder, Joan, were the resource persons in each of the groups. The group members answered questions like “What are the mindset changes needed to build stronger intergenerational connections?” “What has worked well in your church that you can share to help others?” “Who needs to be involved for the church to better engage the generations?” etc.

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Blessed 58th National Day, Singapore!


“Righteousness exalts a nation; When the righteous increase, the people rejoice…” – Proverbs 14:34a; 29:2a (ESV)

No country celebrates its birthday as we do. Saturday after Saturday, our SAF fighter jets roar magnificently across the skies, and the helicopters proudly carry the Singapore Flag in its familiar path over the city. By 8 pm in the evening the city sky breaks out with a riot of spectacular colours from the expansive fireworks, and echoes the thunderous burst of pride and elation as celebrants watch in expectant joyous awe. The serial practice on Saturdays look forward to the finale climaxing on 9th August, Singapore’s 58th National Day!

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