Last Chapel of 2022


The last chapel service of the semester was held on 2 November 2022, concluding the series of chapels on the theme of “Committed to Growing in Christlikeness”. Mrs Josephine Li together with her husband Rev Jacob Li co-emceed the service. They warmly welcomed a few of our alumni who joined us for chapel that day including Bataaraa, a church planter from Mongolia, Ps Timothy Saw from Myanmar, and Mr Chan Kok Meng who is currently serving at Yio Chu Kang Chapel as a church staff. There were also some visitors who could be potential new students at EAST as well. Josie and Jacob started off with an ice-breaker by asking the audience to search for a piece of paper beneath their chairs. Four of them had to share a personal thanksgiving and the most memorable thanksgiving came from Kok Meng, who shared, “I thank God that I could be be married be Diana in 2018!” Everyone cheered as they are both EAST alumni and met while studying at EAST. The four who shared a thanksgiving walked away with an NTUC voucher each! There was much to be thankful for indeed.

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A Lenten Journey @ Chapel Service


We have had the privilege of worship leaders and musicians Earnest Lau and Tan Ming Li (“acoustic Christian duo”) being present at a recent Chapel to gently lead us through a Lenten service. Earnest gave the background on the Lenten season before Ming Li led a solemn yet quietly joyful and hope-filled liturgical worship service. The times from the Word, heartfelt songs of adoration, repentance prayers, congregational responses, and meditative silences filled our souls with a tangible presence of the Almighty. We linger long in the presence of the Holy Spirit as we continue the contemplative journey in this season of Lent (see the 40 days of Lent below).

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In Thanksgiving – for This Semester

We had our final Chapel of the semester this week. In this season of safe distancing, EAST has been convening online for all the Chapels this semester. For many of us who have been at EAST for a while, these online Chapels have been very unique in the history of EAST.

We give thanks that online platforms have been available for us to ‘meet’ for Chapel, worship God synchronously, and even interact and pray for each other in breakout rooms!

We also give thanks that we are now into the last week of classes for this semester. It has definitely been a steep learning curve for our faculty and staff to switch over to online teaching platforms, and tough for our students to be in front of the computer for longer hours than before. 

With a spirit of thanksgiving we approach the end of this semester, and also with thanksgiving, we look forward to the fellowship and guidance of the Lord for the semesters ahead.

We say a big “Thank you!” to everyone who has been journeying with us in these times, and we pray that Jesus keeps each one of you close to Him now, and in the seasons ahead.



My Grace is Sufficient For You

God’s all sufficient grace.

Jacob Li and Liong Kwok Wai’s Mentoring Group recently gave us this reminder at Chapel, as we recalled and recorded recent instances of God’s grace on slips of paper, which we pasted together to form a big “GRACE”.

Piecing together all the testimonies also reminded us that altogether, they spell “GOD”, the One who has made all these possible.

May the grace of God indeed prove sufficient for you.

Photo courtesy of Wong Ee Yuing.

Appreciating Chinese New Year at Chapel

EAST gathered this week for a very festive Chapel service filled with the celebratory spirit of Chinese New Year. The leading Mentoring Group took everyone through a hands-on session of mutual blessing with the exchange of well-wishes, mandarin oranges and red packets.

Be blessed with a fantastic Chinese New Year holiday season filled with the joy of the Lord!

Photos courtesy of Lisa Xu and Tan Eng Kwang

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