EAST Mission Hub & The Educational Mandate

Fulfilling the Educational Mandate of Equipping Christ-like leaders for the Great Commission through the Mission Hub

The move to our new permanent campus, EAST Mission Hub, this year is a significant milestone in the history of EAST. With this new campus, it propels us forward in fulfilling our educational mandate of equipping Christ-like servant leaders for the Great Commission.

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Our Library Renewed.

Many a student and alumnus have memories and thanksgivings of seasons spent in the EAST library. It becomes a second home to many during intense seasons of the semester.

We are thankful that the library is now under one roof with our classrooms and school office–much more convenient compared to the time when all three were at different locations.

With a fresh coat of paint and new furniture, the library stands ready to be a place of fruitful research and thought-wrestling with the Lord.

The Lord provide you with inspiration and encouragement, as He brings you wisdom and understanding in your learning journey at EAST.

Start A Journey With EAST

Would you like to consider starting a learning journey with EAST?


Here are some helpful tips or hacks that may help you decide:

Watch EAST videos on “A Journey Through EAST” (above) and “A Journey of Transformation by Graduands” (below).

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