Update from Mauritius by Alumna Kathleen Ngan

L: Nathalie (Kathleen’s niece) R: Kathleen Ngan

Lockdown has been extended for another two weeks until 15th April due to an increase number of cases. Supermarkets have been opened since Thursday until Saturday on a trial basis using names in alphabetical order: A-F Thu, G-N Fri, O-Z Sat. Then on Monday next and Thursday for A-F again and so on, meaning twice a week we are allowed to buy food. Pharmacies are opened everyday.

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Korean Missionary Lesson on “Powerful Leader”

Micah Min and family came to EAST to study for his Master of Arts in Biblical Studies degree. He graduated in 2017 but not before he discovered EAST as a place, “where I grew [in] intimacy with God and with people….”

He admitted that before coming to EAST, he “used to think that a powerful leader is simply one who is very charismatic and passionate, and able to make people under him produce results.” He then concluded, “but I learned that a powerful leader is one who is humble and cares for people genuinely.”

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A Mongolian Pastor’s Leadership Lesson

Pastor Tuvshintugs Tsogtbaatar, or Tuvshuu as he’s known to his friends, studied at EAST and graduated in 2018 with a Master of Arts in Leadership. His wife, Burnee, graduated with a Partners in Ministry Certificate and a Graduate Diploma in Christian Ministry. They have two lovely young children.

This EAST alumnus reminisced of his time at EAST: “Yes, I learned much from the Leadership classes here [at EAST]. But it was the life of servant leaders I met who changed my life.”

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Burnee as a Partner in Ministry

Ms Burnee Jargal said, “Back in Mongolia, I didn’t serve alongside my husband in ministry. I didn’t have the desire nor knew how. But when I came to EAST I saw many faculty couples serving together. That sparked my desire.”

She graduated with the Partner in Ministry certificate (2017) and a Graduate Diploma in Christian Ministry (2018).


Mentoring Group’s “Band of Brothers”

The Mentoring Group (or MG) is part of the student experience at EAST. Here is one such MG that has seen its members graduating over the past couple of years with the alumni spread out over more than one continent in ministry. Read what one such upcoming graduate has to say about his “band of brothers.”

Dr Michael Tien, MDiv class of 2018, (extreme right in the photo above) shared:

This is what EAST is about. Not just equipping and shaping of the mind but transformation of the heart through ministry. Bringing together intercultural experiences gripped by the love of the Lord and for one another. We are lifted higher as we stand on one another’s shoulders. Our reach extended as we clasp our hands together to work for a common purpose. This is my band of brothers, our motto “we meet, we eat”. After our time together in Singapore, we leave for other destinations of ministry. We join this mentoring group but we never leave! To God be all Glory as we press on.

Praise God!


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