Privileges for Cru Staff

Cru Asia staff are greatly welcome to attend any regular EAST classes taken under credit status for free (no tuition fee) up to 6 credits per academic year. This provides staff with courses to strengthen their ministry or for personal growth.

Staff desirous to take up this privilege will need to register online, and only the prevailing registration fee is payable. To enjoy this privilege, please register by stating “Cru Staff” after your name. Either the Cru Staff Privilege or the prevailing EAST Promotion, may be applied toward a course at any one time.

If the staff wishes to DA their staff account for any applicable fees payable (including the Registration Fee), please notify the Registrar. If the staff wishes to take class(es) for credit beyond the 6 free credits in an academic year, then tuition fees will apply. For more information, please email registrar [at]


EAST offers customised Logos Bible Software bundles worth up to S$10,892 of biblical and theological resources to students of EAST and staff of Cru Singapore. The e-library of books and resources on the EAST Logos bundles is designed to meet the needs of Bible students and ministers of the gospel.

Cru staff may purchase any one of the EAST Logos Bible Software bundles, subject to availability. To get an idea of the content of EAST Logos bundles, visit For more information, please email Logos [at]