EAST 30th Anniversary Celebrations

As part of EAST’s 30th Anniversary celebration in 2022-2023, we are availing the following special events or promotions. All the events and promotions have ended. We are preserving the links below as resources for your personal learning. Shalom.

  • Special 30 ON 30 promotions for our regular courses (until June 2023).
  • Video recordings of the Higher Ground public seminars conducted in May and June 2022 may be found here.
  • Hosted a ‘live’ concert of music and stories by Christian musicians and composers Earnest & Mingli on 11 November 2022.
  • An invitation-only Thanksgiving celebration for ministry partners and Homecoming reunion for our alumni on 12 and 18 November 2022 respectively.



In celebration of EAST’s 30th Anniversary and Cru Singapore’s 50th Anniversary, a joint seminar series called “Higher Ground: Refuel, Recharge, Refocus” were held in May and June 2022. Do avail yourself to watch the video recordings of these webinars.

  1. Life and Ministry of Paul, Dr Wilson Lau – No video recording
  2. Grieving Well to Thrive, Ms Pamela Koh – On ThriveSG IGTV: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
  3. The Footsteps of Jesus in Galilee, Dr Keith Shubert – Video recording: Part 1Part 2 
  4. Jesus in Conflict (Jerusalem), Dr Keith Shubert – Video recording: Part 1Part 2 
  5. Practical Christianity, Dr Robert Solomon – Video recording | Resource page
  6. Passing Through the Waters, Dr Stephen Martyn & Ms Josephine Lew – Video recording | Resources page

All the above webinars have ended.


30 ON 30 is a special promotion for EAST courses as part of our 30th Anniversary celebrations! Each course will only cost $30 taken for audit and enrolled from July 2022 to June 2023. Savings of up to $220 or 88% off per course!

Our classes provide a holistic transformative experience for many who came. Audit students may be asked to complete some assignments and/or in-class projects to maximise their learning experience.

The 30 ON 30 promotion has ended. Thank you for your interest in taking our classes. Please visit the tab on Promotions for the latest offers at this time. Shalom.