Christian Marriage (Online) – PIM Day Course

Christian Marriage (Online)
LF360, 2 Credits
Mondays, 9 September – 28 October, 10.30 am – 1.30 pm (SGT)

Aims to build a thriving marriage by exploring important topics like understanding God’s design for marriage, communication and conflict resolution, power of forgiveness, impact of family background and upbringing, physical intimacy, and maintaining romance in marriage. It offers assessments for marriage and practical skills in handling challenges unique to ministry couples.

This Partners in Ministry course is for married couples only (to register for and attend as a couple). Read more

Marriage & Family Counselling (Onsite) – Day Course

Marriage & Family Counselling (Onsite)
LF562, 3 Credits
Fridays, 9.00 am – 11.30 am

Focuses on biblical counselling approaches to common issues faced by engaged and married couples and in family relationships. Students will learn to recognize and understand common dysfunctions, how individuals relate and why they do so, and how to bring healing and resolution.

Auditors are expected to complete the asynchronous portions of each week’s lesson so that they can participate in class discussions.

Registration deadline: Friday, 29 December 2023.

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Christian Marriage & Family in Asia (Onsite) – Day Course

Christian Marriage & Family in Asia (Onsite)
LF560, 3 Credits
Thursdays, 9.00 am – 12.00 pm

This course provides the major biblical foundations and precepts relating to Christian marriage and family life. The course will also draw from an extensive wealth of research available promoting healthy marriages and families. It also explores a survey of the existing major research findings of cultural values and contemporary challenges in marriage and family among representative Asian cultural groups to promote biblically healthy (the Trinitarian Model) marriages and families.

Registration deadline: Friday, 29 December 2023.

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EAST Express Tabao Theology Podcast – Be My Valentine


14 February is Saint Valentine’s Day! 

In this episode of EAST Express Tabao Theology, EAST faculty Rev Jacob and Mrs Josephine Li address questions like: Should Christians celebrate Valentine’s Day? What is its origin? Was it really a pagan festival?

Also, regardless of whether or not you celebrate Valentine’s Day, they have some practical tips on how to cultivate a thriving marriage and relationship that you or your friends may find helpful. Read more

Workshop: Thriving Marriage for Christian Leaders


How to have thriving marriages for Christian leaders?

As Christian leaders we can easily neglect our own marriage for the sake of ministry. Sometimes our differences can be seen as a hindrance to serve as one couple in unity. In this workshop, you will discover your social styles and learn how to complement each other amidst your differences. There will be practical tips given on how to serve more effectively together as a Christian couple in ministry as leaders.

You are encouraged to attend this workshop together with your spouse. There will be private discussion and exercises with your spouse at the workshop.

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