Christian Marriage (Online) – PIM Day Course

Christian Marriage (Online)
LF360, 2 Credits
Mondays, 9 September – 28 October, 10.30 am – 1.30 pm (SGT)

Aims to build a thriving marriage by exploring important topics like understanding God’s design for marriage, communication and conflict resolution, power of forgiveness, impact of family background and upbringing, physical intimacy, and maintaining romance in marriage. It offers assessments for marriage and practical skills in handling challenges unique to ministry couples.

This Partners in Ministry course is for married couples only (to register for and attend as a couple).

Jacob Li, PhD Studies, is passionate about teaching God’s Word. He holds a Master of Continuing Education (Adult Learning) from University of Calgary (Canada) and Master of Theology (Bible Exposition) from Dallas Theological Seminary (USA). He is currently working on his PhD in Instructional Design and Technology. He has taught at churches, para-church ministries and seminaries in Canada, USA and Asia. He is married to Josephine, and they have two children.


Josephine Li, DMin Studies, has served at EAST as a lecturer for Partners in Ministry and ministers to women from various nationalities. Her passion is to share God’s love with people from different nations and is involved in various ministries to refugees, Chinese orphanages, local church outreach programs, and other women’s ministries. Josephine is married to Jacob, and they have two children, Josiah and Jesse.


Registration deadline: Friday, 30 August 2024.

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