Eat & Talk: What is True Love?


What is true love to YOU?

On the upcoming Valentine’s Day, join us for a lunch date of “Eat & Talk” session at EAST Chapel. Come by for a practical theological discussion time led by Rev Dr Lewis Winkler (an EAST Resident Faculty) on how we can love God and love people around us better. Loving God and people is the crux of living a healthy, wholesome Christian life, be it whether we are married or single.

Come on down and join in the lively discussion, and be inspired to be a better Valentine for God and for those around us!

  • Date: 14 Feb 2023, Tuesday
  • Time: 12.00 noon – 1.15 pm (Bring your own packet lunch)
  • Venue: EAST Chapel, Level 3, @118 Joo Chiat Road, S(427407)

We hope to see you then!


EAST Express Tabao Theology Podcast – Be My Valentine


14 February is Saint Valentine’s Day! 

In this episode of EAST Express Tabao Theology, EAST faculty Rev Jacob and Mrs Josephine Li address questions like: Should Christians celebrate Valentine’s Day? What is its origin? Was it really a pagan festival?

Also, regardless of whether or not you celebrate Valentine’s Day, they have some practical tips on how to cultivate a thriving marriage and relationship that you or your friends may find helpful. Read more

What is Love?

There’s a lot of confusion about the meaning of love these days. In some recent weddings, I’ve heard couples close their vows with the phrase, “as long as we both shall love.” That’s quite a shift from “as long as we both shall live.” Such a change moves marital commitments away from decisions of the will to decisions of the heart.

By defining love in almost exclusively emotional terms, popular culture has tended to ignore or even exclude any elements of truth, righteousness, and volition. This is dangerous for many reasons, first and foremost, because according to 1 John 4:8, God’s very essence is love. To misunderstand love, then, is to misunderstand God.

Read more