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As the EAST Mission Hub, EAST journeys on in transforming and equipping the head, heart and hands of our Christian leaders and believers for the Great Commission.

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The Heart of the Matter

In Matthew 6, Jesus admonishes us to use our earthly treasures for eternal purposes. In verse 21, He reveals that the heart of the matter is the matter of the heart when it comes to where/how we use our money: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (ESV).

A commentary on the recent government Budget discussions touches on the issue of the heart behind decisions that one make. The article, “The moral choices behind our Budget allocation speak volumes about who we are as a society,” is authored by Dr Adrian Kuah, a Senior Research Fellow at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy in Singapore.

In attempting to explain the concept of social justice, fairness, and moral reasoning, Adrian used a thought experiment originally from economist and philosopher, Dr Amartya Sen, in his book The Idea of Justice. See below for the explanatory graphics and do read Adrian’s article for his take on its applicability to the Singapore context.


Developing Your Head, Heart, and Hands

Would you like to be developed holistically as a spiritual leader?

We seek to help develop and equip Christian workers, leaders, and ministers for the fulfilment of the Great Commission where they are. EAST seeks to develop servant leaders who are:

  • Committed to growing in Christ-likeness
  • Passionate spiritual multipliers
  • Learning and living out God’s Word
  • Communicating God’s truth effectively



EAST seeks to accomplish this mission through holistic learning, where students not only learn intellectually (“head”), their attitudes and character are also shaped (“heart”), leading to actions (“hands”). Each of the three dimensions is emphasized in the classroom and assignments as well as field ministry and internships, school retreats, ministry weekends, community life, and Mentoring Groups.

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Lessons of the Head, Heart, and Hands

Michael Tien Teaching Bible Study Methods in Mongolia


“Lessons of the Head, Heart, and Hands”

Dr Michael Tien | 16 October 2017

When his senior pastor encouraged him to enrol for a Master of Divinity program in 2013, Dr Michael Tien, 53, thought that it would just be a time to gain HEAD knowledge in class. But God’s agenda for him, the former church elder discovered, also includes developing his HEART for God and people, and training his HANDS for ministry.”Some of the most important lessons I learned were through the mentoring groups times with faculty and classmates, and the 20-day ministry internship in Mongolia,” says the father of three.

Surprisingly, when asked which class has impressed him the most, the CEO of a family-owned SME business and Entrepreneur of the Year 2008 (a Rotary-ASME Award) shares that it is “Christian Leadership Foundations.” “Through it, God showed me how to realign my priorities for Him and people,” he says, “and create margin–pause time between activities–everyday, so that i may be 100% there wherever I am placed, and bear fruit.”

Michael’s passion is to reach out to and equip entrepreneurs for Christ, especially in East Asia.

Michael (centre) and team on horseback in the nomadic tradition of the Mongols

Watch a video of Michael and his team experiencing sandstorm and other adventures whilst in Mongolia for ministry internship.

For more details about holistic equipping programs geared for Christian workers and leaders, please email admissions@east.edu.sg or call 6291-9744 ext 181. Read more about the “head, heart, hands” approach to equipping at EAST here.


The “Hidden Hero”

An EAST student who is also a medical doctor was recently featured in a new reality programme “Oh My Heroes!” on Singapore Mediacorp’s Channel 8. The first episode featured Dr Kwek Liling (MAICS student) and was aired on 10 October 2017. A colorectal surgeon, she regularly visited her elderly patients at their homes and cared for them, provided voluntary medical services at free clinics for migrant workers, and travelled overseas to economically needy areas and gave medical care to the residents. See the video below for the above episode (in Chinese, with English subtitles).

According to Mediacorp, the Chinese language programme seeks “to discover the hidden heroes who are secretly helping the needy and doing a part for charity without asking for anything in return … and willing to go an extra mile for people whom aren’t related to them.” The program airs every Tuesday, 8.00 pm, on Channel 8.


To show the English subtitles, click the Settings (gear icon) and select English as the Subtitle Language.

Picture taken off video from: Toggle.sg, © 2017 Mediacorp Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved.