Developing Your Head, Heart, and Hands

Would you like to be developed holistically as a spiritual leader?

We seek to help develop and equip Christian workers, leaders, and ministers for the fulfilment of the Great Commission where they are. EAST seeks to develop servant leaders who are:

  • Committed to growing in Christ-likeness
  • Passionate spiritual multipliers
  • Learning and living out God’s Word
  • Communicating God’s truth effectively



EAST seeks to accomplish this mission through holistic learning, where students not only learn intellectually (“head”), their attitudes and character are also shaped (“heart”), leading to actions (“hands”). Each of the three dimensions is emphasized in the classroom and assignments as well as field ministry and internships, school retreats, ministry weekends, community life, and Mentoring Groups.

Dr Michael Tien is an EAST MDiv student, a church leader, an award-winning entrepreneur, and CEO of family-owned SME business. He shared about God’s holistic development in his life as a result of studying and ministering while at EAST. For those who are considering to study at a Bible school, Michael has this to say: “There is no better time than now!” 

For details about program student application, click the “Prospective Students” tab at the top, email, or call 6291-9744 ext 181.


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