Christian Marriage – Partners in Ministry Online Course

Christian Marriage (Online) – For couples only
LF460, 1 Credit
Mondays, 2.30 pm-5.45 pm (12 September–7 November 2022, 7 sessions: 12, 26 Sep; 3, 10, 17, 31 Oct; 7 Nov)

Aims to build a thriving marriage by exploring important topics like understanding God’s design for marriage, communication and conflict resolution, power of forgiveness, impact of family background and upbringing, physical intimacy, and maintaining romance in marriage.  It offers assessments for marriage and practical skills in handling challenges unique to ministry couples.

Course is limited to Partners in Ministry program and visiting students. This class is for married couples only – husband and wife must register for and attend the class together. Read more

Journeying in EAST as Families & Couples


Many of our students at EAST are married, and quite a few are in Singapore as international students with their families. Going through the EAST learning journey as a couple/family enriches our students’ seminary experience and allows their families to grow together as a community.

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Christian Marriage & Family in Asia (Online Day Course)

Christian Marriage & Family in Asia (LF560, 3 Credits, Online)
11 January – 10 May 2022, Fridays, 9.00 am-12.00 pm

This course provides the major biblical foundations and precepts relating to Christian marriage and family life. The course will also draw from an extensive wealth of research available promoting healthy marriages and families. It also explores a survey of the existing major research findings of cultural values and contemporary challenges in marriage and family among representative Asian cultural groups to promote biblically healthy (the Trinitarian Model) marriages and families.

Audit students are expected to complete assigned readings and discussions on Populi.

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Christian Friendship and Family


PROVERBS 17:17 “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.”


A simple, yet profound verse describing what Christian relationships should be. Loving at all times is not easy when everyone goes through their own ups and downs in life, and only through the Holy Spirit and obeying the Word can we achieve this.


Adversity is also not always external. Sometimes our sinful nature may cause us to antagonise our own friends and family members. Always remember Christ’s unconditional love for the church as the model of the love we should have towards one another. God put the people in our lives not just for them to be there for us, but vice versa.

All things connect together for good in PIM


With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, safety measures have made it necessary for Partners in Ministry (PIM) courses to be offered online. The scope of PIM’s online reach has thus expanded to Asia and beyond. This provides opportunities to impact more with its mission to equip wives of men in full-time ministry or bi-vocational ministry to grow in partnership with their husbands in the Lord’s work. Praise God!

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