All things connect together for good in PIM


With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, safety measures have made it necessary for Partners in Ministry (PIM) courses to be offered online. The scope of PIM’s online reach has thus expanded to Asia and beyond. This provides opportunities to impact more with its mission to equip wives of men in full-time ministry or bi-vocational ministry to grow in partnership with their husbands in the Lord’s work. Praise God!

Thanks to the GLO@EAST promotion and the PIM E-Open House, the efforts of the EAST community have resulted in 14 ladies being registered as audit students for the online course “Becoming What God Intended.” This is on top of the other nine program students who are taking the course for credit. 

The rise of PIM student numbers have also been aided by personal connections.

An EAST MDiv program student, Ms Yami Asai, introduced a lady of influence among the Indian churches to attend the PIM online course on “Bible Study Methods” (BSM) last semester. Through this lady’s connections, she introduced a few others to join her for the course. They evidently have had great experience from attending the BSM course as taught by Mrs Josephine Li-Lam, a PIM lecturer. It also led four of these Indian ladies to apply for the two-year PIM Certificate Program. A few more others also joined as audit students for this semester.

Another personal connection took place through an EAST alumna, Ms Johanna Sampan. She introduced her Filipino friend to PIM, which resulted in the latter joining the two-year program. In addition, there are Chinese, Mongolian and Nepalese students who have been accepted into the PIM program. Some of these are wives of men who are new resident program students at EAST.

Some common reasons for applicants in wanting to join PIM are: a desire to partner one’s husband in his church ministry more effectively, to mentor other pastors’ wives more confidently, to understand one’s calling as pastor’s wife, and for personal growth. One such applicant noted, “There is hunger in me to learn more. I believe in the saying that ‘you cannot give what you do not have.’” May we be found faithful in equipping these dear wives to be growing and fruitful partners in ministry with their husbands and families. 

A total of 9 program students and 14 audit students from 6 nations are now taking PIM courses. This is a much welcome increase from the last academic year when we have much fewer. What a great encouragement from the One who works all things together for good! Shalom.

The above report was submitted by Mrs Margaret Chan, the PIM Program Director at EAST.


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