Last Chapel of 2022


The last chapel service of the semester was held on 2 November 2022, concluding the series of chapels on the theme of “Committed to Growing in Christlikeness”. Mrs Josephine Li together with her husband Rev Jacob Li co-emceed the service. They warmly welcomed a few of our alumni who joined us for chapel that day including Bataaraa, a church planter from Mongolia, Ps Timothy Saw from Myanmar, and Mr Chan Kok Meng who is currently serving at Yio Chu Kang Chapel as a church staff. There were also some visitors who could be potential new students at EAST as well. Josie and Jacob started off with an ice-breaker by asking the audience to search for a piece of paper beneath their chairs. Four of them had to share a personal thanksgiving and the most memorable thanksgiving came from Kok Meng, who shared, “I thank God that I could be be married be Diana in 2018!” Everyone cheered as they are both EAST alumni and met while studying at EAST. The four who shared a thanksgiving walked away with an NTUC voucher each! There was much to be thankful for indeed.

Worship was led by Advancement Staff Ms Wong Ee Yuing who was ably supported by Mrs Barbara Winkler on the keyboard and Dr Lewis Winkler on his strong vocals, as well as scripture readings and prayers. The final message given by Dr Lau Ying Kheng, Field Supervisor Director, was about “Learning to be like Jesus in a world of Tensions”. She mentioned about us living in the tensions of community and time, and how “an appropriate amount of tension is a good thing, and stretching outside of our comfort zone brings much-needed growth” (Scott McKnight). It was certainly a timely message at a time where many of us felt stretched whether we are faculty, students, or staff. She reminded us that although Jesus lived with many tensions in his life, he never lost sight of his focus. “Jesus loved people. But people never took away His focus. People are never his sources for: Acceptance, Sustenance or Significance.” (Dr Lau Ying Kheng) Jesus’ will was to do the will of the Father who sent him. (John 4:34)

Ying Kheng cautioned us about being addicted to “People, Power & Performance” as a form of seeking “Acceptance, Sustenance & Significance”. She ended her message with a moving story of her late pet cat Fiver who had swallowed a rope and was taken ill to a point where the nurse thought he was going to die. However, when Fiver saw the master (Dr Ying Kheng), he was so excited, he vomited out the rope and was on the road to recovery again. If her cat could live for the master, what more about us?

Dr Casey Lok, Dean of Students, concluded our chapel by the breaking of bread and sharing of cup, albeit it was through the individually wrapped communion cup with wafer.  It was a time of remembrance of our Lord’s ultimate sacrifice for us, and coming together as a community to remember Him till His return. As chapel ended with Holy Communion, EAST Community came together for bento lunch fellowship.




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