Clare Chen: God of Possibilities

A slice of Japanese life – mother with daughter. Photo credit: Clare Chen


Ms Clare Chen, a final year MA in Intercultural Studies student, recently went for a mission trip to Kyoto, Japan, a most unlikely place for her. Clare’s initiative to spend her term break for missions resulted in a mindset-changing missional experience for her. Read her reflection from the trip – why not Japan, what she had learned more about God, the Japanese people and herself.

“I would go anywhere for missions, but Japan” was the mentality I held for many years because it is a place of hard soil. But we all know too well what typically happens when you claim a “never” statement such as this: God laughs, and things happen. This December, I was led to go on a mission trip to Japan with a few schoolmates. Despite the challenges, God reminded me of his sovereignty. God is a big God and is there anything impossible with Him (Luke 1:37)?

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Korean Alumnus served in New Zealand: Eric Lee Jaesun


EAST Korean Alumnus Mr Eric Lee Jaesun came to EAST to pursue his Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies in 2016 and completed the program in May 2018. EAST News caught up with how he has been doing since his graduation with some short interview questions below.

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EAST Cross-Cultural Team Internship 2018

Four teams of EAST students traveled to multiple overseas locations as part of their Cross-Cultural Team Internship 2018 (CCTI).

The teams spent a semester in preparation seeking to apply contextualisation and cross-cultural principles in their planning and working with the overseas partnering church or agency. They also sought to do team building as part of their working together cohesively and in unity. Then during the end-of-year school break, they embarked on a three-week cross-cultural missions trip and came alongside their partners to meet the latter’s ministry needs.

Here is a short video from the CCTI team to India as an example:


Video courtesy of CCTI team.