New Student: Sebastian Tramitz from Germany

L-R: Dr Joseph Khoo, Mrs Boon Aitee, Issac Do, Sebastian Tramitz


Below is a short reflection of our new student Sebastian Tramitz from Germany. He is embarking on a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry at EAST while relocating to Singapore and embracing a new culture, or many new cultures at EAST and equipping himself here. His short reflection of his journey to EAST is below.

I know about EAST through various people I met on my journey of finding my path to change location to Singapore. One key person was a board member of EAST whom I met at the church I attended. He got me in touch with Cru Singapore through another person on the board of Cru. He then connected me with a Cru ministry leader and alumnus of EAST, which finally led to the meeting of Jonathan Yao and a site visit on which I made a decision that I want to apply.

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Testimony of New Student: Viron Kasar

From L-R: Mali Jana, Mrs Boon Aitee, Dr Joseph Khoo, Viron Kasar


Viron Kasar, a brother of EAST Alumnus Pammiyo Kasar, and a nephew of Ps Didymus Kasar has arrived in Singapore and at EAST at long last since his application even before the Covid-19 pandemic happened. Below is an interview with him where he shared his testimony.

  • How did you know about EAST?.

As I was interested in furthering my education, Uncle Ps Didymus Kasar and Brother Pammiyo Kasar suggested to me to study at EAST. I knew some EAST alumni and worked with them as interns during their time as Cross Cultural Team Internship (CCTI) Team India while I was working with Agape Outreach Ministry. However, I see EAST as providing academic and spiritual support and offering a unique perspective on Christianity that connects with Asian cultures which is critical in India.

  • What made you decide to come to EAST?

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Welcoming New Student: Dom Chen

Welcome Lunch with Dom Chen

Our new student for the second semester, Mr Dom Chen (pseudonym)  has arrived in Singapore during the Advent Season. He had wanted to study at EAST back in 2019 but at that time, Covid-19 happened and the world was in a panic mode globally.  We at EAST are as heartened as he is that he has finally made his way to Singapore and EAST after the pandemic has more or less settled down. Below is a short interview with Dom regarding how he came to know about EAST and his experience thus far. Do pray for him and his family who will soon be joining him that their years of equipping at EAST will be impactful for their lives, leading them to greater transformation in their Head, Heart, Hands by the power of the Holy Spirit for the Glory of God.

1) How did you know about EAST?

First of all, Nelson Lo, currently an EAST Resident Faculty, had been my mentor for two years during my college years. We have been keeping in touch for many years, even upon graduation. I knew about EAST from him. Then, Ronald Tang (pseudonym), an EAST alumnus was our pastor. He graduated from EAST and also recommended the seminary. Finally, my wife had been a full-time staff in Cru for seven years and we have friends who studied in EAST.

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