New Student: Sebastian Tramitz from Germany

L-R: Dr Joseph Khoo, Mrs Boon Aitee, Issac Do, Sebastian Tramitz


Below is a short reflection of our new student Sebastian Tramitz from Germany. He is embarking on a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry at EAST while relocating to Singapore and embracing a new culture, or many new cultures at EAST and equipping himself here. His short reflection of his journey to EAST is below.

I know about EAST through various people I met on my journey of finding my path to change location to Singapore. One key person was a board member of EAST whom I met at the church I attended. He got me in touch with Cru Singapore through another person on the board of Cru. He then connected me with a Cru ministry leader and alumnus of EAST, which finally led to the meeting of Jonathan Yao and a site visit on which I made a decision that I want to apply.

When I visited EAST chapel time and met up with Jonathan, I was stirred and felt this is the path for me to go at this time. The idea of studying and upgrading myself was already on my mind, but meeting people bringing that route up in the conversation seemed like a confirmation to me to apply to study here.

So far, EAST staff and students have been very welcoming and inclusive, leaving me with a feeling of being safe. Some of my initial concerns about being thrown into the fire and then having to learn how to survive, were proven wrong. EAST admissions staff Eng Kwang as well as Aitee guided me well through the different steps of applying to be a student. I was very thankful for Aitee‘s clear and step by step guidance to do the right steps in terms of the student visa application. She was always ready and willing to help, which made me feel safe.

Furthermore, I received lots of grace and help, as my application case was unusual. I was not able to follow the  suggested timetable of entering Singapore before the study began. However, I was given much care before and after arriving. Aitee is always on top of directing me in the right direction so that I can quickly obtain a student pass. She even went out of her way to drive me to the medical examination in order to save time. (It only took 1 hour from school orientation to going home with an extra stop at the clinic to do the required medical examination.) Lee Hoong also went out of the way to organise a pillow for me, as I did not have one yet.

I would like to give thanks to all the staff I corresponded with during the application process starting from Eng Kwang to Aitee for application process and immigration support, over to Sze Chieh, Rina and Sophie (for housing, Bible software and retreat preparations). I would also like to thank Dr Joseph Khoo from Shanah Clinic for prioritising my visit at his clinic, as there was an urgency for me to get it done as fast as possible. He also gave a fair discount to people from EAST.

I would suggest EAST to friends who thrive in community settings. But even for introverts like me there is a warm place in their hearts. Come to EAST if you want to study in an environment of people living out what they teach. The staff truly serve and make you feel safe and cared for.

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