Heart to Heart: One Church’s Inter-generational Journey

L-R: Ms Charissa, Rev Dr Henry Wong, Ms Ting Siew Lee


What does it take for the generations to walk together in unity?

Covenant Presbyterian Church (CPC) has been on a journey to foster inter-generational connections. Pastor Rev Dr Henry Wong and Ms Charissa, a next-generation lay leader, shared their journey and learning insights in a fireside chat facilitated by Ms Ting Siew Lee of Capelle’s Church Equip on 8 August 2023 at East Asia School of Theology. This was followed by breakouts into three smaller groups for guided discussions.

Church leaders and pastors from some 28 denominational and independent churches were in attendance for the event. During the breakouts, Pastor Henry, Charissa, and a church Elder, Joan, were the resource persons in each of the groups. The group members answered questions like “What are the mindset changes needed to build stronger intergenerational connections?” “What has worked well in your church that you can share to help others?” “Who needs to be involved for the church to better engage the generations?” etc.

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The Silent Pandemic: Loneliness in the Church


“How prevalent is the issue of loneliness in our church today? Are there lonely people there? If so, who are some of these people, and what are some of their experiences? Has there been a time you felt lonely in church? What could have been done to make you feel better? What does the Bible say about this matter? How can we as Christians embrace and include the lonely as a true community of faith and friends?”

“The Silent Pandemic: Loneliness in the Church” was the title of a face-to-face dialogue jointly organised by East Asia School of Theology (EAST) and Church Equip of Capelle Consulting on 11 August 2022 at EAST. Pastor Lawrence Chua (Senior Pastor, Living Sanctuary Brethren Church) and Dr Tan Soo Inn (Director of Graceworks, author of “Spiritual Friendship”) were invited to be part of a panel to address this issue. The dialogue was facilitated by Capelle’s Ms Ting Siew Lee, a former missionary who returned to Singapore recently after ministering for 14 years in Timor Leste.

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We are One Body

Romans 12:5, NIV: “so in Christ, we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.”


Paul in most of Romans 12 explains that the worship of our God is to become living sacrifices with Romans 12:3-8 detailing our responsibility as a living sacrifice. As the body of Christ, the church and everyone in it has a part to play. Our individual gifts are to work together to achieve glory to Christ.

As the church, Christ’s body on earth we are often spread across many different places with vastly different jobs, but together we are one unified “being,” a single entity with a single purpose.

In addition to this, we are to remember that we form ONE body. No one is left out, and everyone has a responsibility and should be wholly accountable to each other.

Loving Singapore Block by Block

On the eve of Singapore’s National Day long weekend, the Day of His Power event was held online for the first time. A number of notable church leaders in Singapore shared from their hearts about the state of the church and missions in Singapore. Pastor Lawrence Chua from Living Sanctuary Brethren Church shared the strategy of “Loving Singapore Block by Block” as his church has sought to be a good neighbour over the years.

Jason Wong from the fathering movement, Elijah 7000, also pondered about Singapore as a land of beautiful houses yet with broken homes. Truly, today more than ever, as believers, we need to be sharing the hope we have in Christ to rebuild the broken homes in our beautiful nation. Happy National Day Weekend to all Singaporeans!

Watch the full Day of His Power event recorded “live” here and read the article published by Thir.st for more insights on a segment of the event that focused on the family here.

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Webinar: “I’ve Always Wondered…” (Part 1)

Have you ever wondered about hot-button biblical and theological issues such as,

  • predestination,
  • war and conquests,
  • slavery and freedom,
  • women and equality,
  • gender and sexuality,
  • proliferation of denominations?
Then join the “I’ve Always Wondered…” webinars organised by Cru Singapore and presented by East Asia School of Theology. Come and hear from a panel of theologian (Rev Dr Lewis Winkler), teaching pastor (Rev Dr Raymond Go), and woman bible teacher (Dr Heng Hwee Chuang) who are all EAST Resident Faculty.
Dates: 12 & 26 June 202, Friday
Time: 2.00 pm – 3.15 pm
To register for free, visit cru.sg/covid7

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