Song for SG55 – One

Enjoy this newly composed National Day song by HeartDriven Music, words and music by Ryan Kong.


Taken from the Song Story, shared by the composer, Ryan Kong:

This National Day, HeartDriven Music, Project Providence and the Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach (AGWO) are collaborating to release this song, ONE, as a rallying cry for every one of us to play our part in whatever capacity we can, as one nation. While we look forward to resuming our normal lives again, let us not forget the life lessons which Covid-19 has taught us. Let us not waste this opportunity to go the extra mile, to reach out in love beyond what is convenient for us.

Project Providence helps to house homeless and stranded foreigners in Singapore. AGWO aims to reach out to all guest workers in Singapore – to care for them and cater to their essential needs, while also adopting a spirit of hospitality for a welcoming environment that is free of discrimination and prejudice.

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EAST Aleph: Welcome, New Students!

Photo by Chan Chong Hiok. Design by Tan Eng Kwang.

We welcome our new program students who have recently began their learning journey with us through EAST Aleph! How do we help new students transition well into a multicultural community of learners while physically in multiple locations due to COVID-19 restrictions? By creating multiple opportunities for interactive activities with and among the new students using online means.

The EAST Aleph two-week immersion program orientate students to the cultural and academic norms, provide spiritual and relational connections, and begin building the personal and ministry foundations for lasting transformation in their study life. For this year, online exercises are conducted to familiarise participants with effective collaborative learning and community-building platforms.

Above photo shows EAST President, Rev Dr Chan Chong Hiok, on an online Zoom session with the new students.

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从彼得前书看苦难与祝福 | 1 Peter – Suffering and Blessing


新加坡学园传道会于六月二十五日傍晚与东亚神学院携手举办,这网络研讨会将探索如何从彼得前书看苦难与祝福。讲师: 朱德裕牧师(博士),东亚神学院讲师。

1. 使徒彼得对苦难的教导
2. 彼得对苦难与祝福的见解
3. 基督徒今天如何看待我们所遭遇的苦难

A Mandarin webinar was organised on 25 June 2020 by Cru Singapore and presented by East Asia School of Theology on the topic of “Suffering and Blessings from the Book of 1 Peter.” The speaker, Rev Dr Samuel Too, is a Resident Faculty of East Asia School of Theology.

Webinar Outline:
1. Apostle Peter’s Teaching of Suffering
2. Peter’s views on suffering and blessings
3. How do Christians view our suffering today

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Webinar: 从彼得前书看苦难与祝福 | 1 Peter – Suffering and Blessing



1. 使徒彼得对苦难的教导
2. 彼得对苦难与祝福的见解
3. 基督徒今天如何看待我们所遭遇的苦难

事不宜迟,赶紧分享,或点击以下链接即可报名参与!(参与者须预先登录 Zoom 账户)。


A Mandarin webinar organised by Cru Singapore and presented by East Asia School of Theology.

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Webinar: 约伯.苦难.疫情


Organised by Cru Singapore and presented by East Asia School of Theology, a Mandarin webinar on “Job, Suffering and COVID-19” was conducted on 4 June 2020. The speaker was Rev Estella Liu, a Resident Faculty of EAST. Please view the video of the webinar above.

中文教会的弟兄姐妹们,平安。新加坡学园传道会于六月四日傍晚举办了一个网络研讨会,主题是 “约伯.苦难.新 冠疫情”。与东亚神学院携手举办,这网络研讨会将探索如何从经文中学习应对人生苦难的心境与态度。


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