Theology of Leadership (Online) – Evening Course

Theology of Leadership (Online)
LF512, 3 Credits
Thursdays, 7.00 pm – 9.15 pm 

Equips learners with a biblical theology of leadership that can inform both theory and practice and permit more rigorous biblical evaluation of leadership theories and approaches. The course enables ministry practitioners to develop a rich theological foundation for thinking about issues of leadership in the Christian community.

Registration deadline: Friday, 29 December 2023.

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Theology of Persecution (Onsite) – Evening Course

Theology of Persecution (Onsite)
IS542, 3 Credits
Mondays, 7.00 pm – 9.15 pm 

Designed to give students a theological understanding of the reality for Christians in many parts of the world today of persecution. This course will cover biblical, systematic, and historic theological aspects of persecution, as well as the role of persecution in the mission of the church, different types of persecution, and ongoing persecution in specific contexts throughout Asia. Students will be expected to present research on how persecution impacts the church and its mission in a ministry context of interest to them.

Registration deadline: Friday, 29 December 2023.

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Theological Studies & EAST eOpen House

Join a convo with Matthew Winslow (left) and Jarred Jung (right), EAST resident faculty


How is Theological Studies Applicable to Life and Ministry

Watch a video conversation between two faculty who teaches theology. EAST Resident Faculty, Matthew Winslow (PhD candidate) and Jarred Jung (PhD candidate), discussed why and how theology matters in a Christian’s life and its impact on personal and church ministry.

Matthew noted a key question that theological studies seek to address: “How do we interact with a world that’s changing so quickly and in a distinctly Christian and gospel-centred way?”

Consider coming for EAST eOpen House on Saturday, 18 February 2023, 9.30 AM to find out more about theological studies. Visit the event page for details and to sign-up (indicate Theological Studies as a discipline of interest).

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Why Theology Matters for Christians


“My church is not growing like it used to.”

“I am not seeing the heart-change in those I disciple.”

“How does my ministry of providing for the poor fit into Jesus’s commandment in the Great Commission to make disciples?”

“The students in my youth group have so many questions that I’m not sure how to answer.”

There is no shortage of difficulties that plague those in Christian ministry today. The bigger question is: Where and how do we go about trying to find answers to these and other difficult questions?

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EAST Express Tabao Theology Podcast – Christmas

Christmas is just a few days away and EAST has put together a special Christmas 2-part podcast, available in both audio and video format!

This inaugural Christmas edition of EAST Express podcast features “Tabao Theology” which aims to give listeners valuable takeaways to help transform their thinking, feeling, and way of living on topics of the day. This two-part podcast features Anj Pantaleon (EAST MDiv student), Jacob Li and Jarred Jung (both EAST Resident Faculty) discussing trivia, truths, and theology about Christmas. Read more

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