Cheering Chin Leng on!

Lim Chin Leng, EAST Alumnus from Class of 2008, with daughter Jayna.

EAST Alumnus Chin Leng has recently been diagnosed with Stage 3 Pancreatic Cancer and this has been a shocking news to his family and our community at EAST. However, Chin Leng has remained positive and is taking the Straits Times Virtual Run Challenge of 17.5KM, setting a goal to complete it within these two weeks as a #chemowarrior.

His daughter Jayna has written a heartfelt poem regards to her dad’s condition titled, “I Hate Cancer.” Below is the poem she has penned.

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Esther’s Story – His Story


“I was six years old when my oldest brother, then 26, read the Bible and accepted Jesus as his Saviour,” begins Esther, 30, who is of Central Asian descent. “My parents, of another beliefs, felt very betrayed by him.” But her brother remained steadfast in faith and led hundreds in their hometown to the Lord. Six years later, Esther then 12, received Christ on her own when she chanced upon a gospel tract. In 2010, her father came to Christ in a Christmas meeting organised by her brother; soon after her mother accepted the Lord through her father.

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Alumni: We came to the right place

When Baatarsuren “Baataraa” Buyanmandakh (Mongolia), came to Singapore in Dec 2012, he was “heart-broken.” His younger son, Munhuul, three and a half, had passed away the year before. He and his wife Zulaa have another son, Odko, 12. Before the tragedy, the former Mongolia Campus Crusade campus leader had already planned to go for theological training. “We want to build future church-planters for the 200 unreached villages and towns in my country,” he says.

At first, the Buyanmandakhs were offered places, with free housing, to study in the USA. “But after visiting two schools there, we felt that their teaching contexts may not be relevant to our future ministries,” says Baataraa. “So we came to EAST. As soon as we settled down, we knew we’d come to the right place.”

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Alumni Get Together (July 2020)


Recently, at an EAST Alumni Get Together in July 2020, we heard from the outgoing EAST Alumni Chaplain, Mr William Lim Aik Ghee, who gave us his farewell sharing and encouragement to press on. Hosted on Zoom by Ms Esther Tan, EAST Alumni Coordinator, those present then broke into small breakout groups for sharing and prayer.

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Alumna: EAST has a very special place in my heart

Janice Tay, Alumna turned Fund Development Coordinator at EAST

Janice came to EAST through her pastor’s recommendation. The lesson that really stuck with her while at EAST is doing ministry integration through the head, the heart and the hands. Her favourite class at EAST was Bible Study Methods and Hermeneutics and Mentoring Group. “I really enjoy Bible Study Methods class. I learnt to observe, interpret and apply the Bible into my own life. I enjoyed the ladies fellowship in the Mentoring Group and sharing our lives together.”

Janice’s favourite teachers at EAST are Dr Keith Shubert, Rev Jacob Li and Mrs Josephine Goh. Dr Keith Shubert is very knowledgeable. He has a wealth of knowledge and he is a treasure trove of knowledge. Rev Jacob Li is very well-equipped and gives his 100% to his students. Mrs Josephine Goh, her mentoring group leader, is very passionate about mentoring people and has a very “on the ball” personality. like an energiser bunny.

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