EAST Alumna Sophie Lo as Mother, Wife & Christlike Leader

L to R: Nelson Lo, Hannah Lo (17), Sophie Lo, Joshua Lo (15)

Leading up to this Mother’s Day weekend, we are featuring an EAST alumna and EAST staff Mrs Sophie Lo who is a mother, wife and leader in EAST Community. Sophie is a mother to two teenagers, Hannah (17) and Joshua (15), wife to EAST’s Dean of Administration Mr Nelson Lo, and works in the EAST HR Department. She graduated with a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (2020) and was awarded the Spiritual Multiplier Award. Currently. Sophie also oversees the social media platforms for the WOW MOM ministry of Cru Singapore. Below is an interview with her on her juggling responsibilities among her varied roles and thoughts on motherhood.

  1. Sophie, how did you manage to juggle your responsibilities as a wife and mother while also completing your studies, and fulfilling your duties at the EAST HR department?

Slow and steady described my study journey at EAST. When my kids were very young, I took one course at a time, so that I could give attention to my kids and yet reaped the benefits from my studies. As my kids grew older and more independent, I began to take on more courses in order to complete my program within a time frame. The journey was slow and took me a very long time. Fellow students who started their program at the same time or even after me, have graduated one after another while I would still be registering for courses to complete my credits requirement. Despite the slowness and length of time taken, I have enjoyed my studies thoroughly, was able to apply most of what I learnt in my ministry, and could also fulfil my duties at the EAST HR department.

  1. You have also been involved with the WOW MOM ministry. How long have you been involved with it and what does the ministry involve?

I have been involved with WOW MOM (Women of Worth, Moms on Mission) ministry for about 10 years. The ministry offers a safe community for support and encouragement with fellow mothers, through discipleship program and coaching according to the stages of motherhood. We meet regularly in small discipleship groups for Bible study and sharing about our relationship with God, learning to reach out and bless others with God’s love, and mutual encouragement and support in our journey as wives and mothers.

I am leading one of these groups. My group of ladies and I have journeyed together in our experiences as wives and moms, and have also seen one another’s growth as we persevere in our faith walk. Besides discipleship groups, WOW MOM also reaches out to non-believing moms and ministers to Christian moms through our social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) which I oversee. Our social media offers short articles, devotional videos, online sharing sessions, and others to encourage moms and share Christ with them.

More information on WOW MOM may be found on their website here.

  1. What are the highlights and challenges of being a mother to your teenagers so far?

I have enjoyed talking and engaging with my teenagers. They are at the age where they can participate in deeper conversations, watch my kind of movies and TV series, shopping, and many more. My challenge is learning how to parent and respond to them now that they are teenagers with their own thoughts and no longer young kids who follow every instruction I gave. I come to realize that I need to let go and let them make their own decisions which may include making mistakes as well, so that they can learn to make good choices.

  1. Any advice and encouragement you would like to share with mothers who are thinking of embarking on seminary studies at EAST or are currently studying at EAST?

Go slow and steady, enjoy your studies, and remember to apply what you learnt.


A Mother’s Day message from Sophie to All Mothers:

To all moms,
You are ENOUGH.
You are NOT ALONE.


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