30 ON 30 Special Promotion

30 ON 30 – Being Transformed in Your Heart, Head, and Hands

30 ON 30 is a special promotion for EAST regular courses as part of our 30th Anniversary celebrations! Each regular course will only cost $30 taken for audit and enrolled from July 2022 to June 2023. Savings of up to $220 or 88% off per course!

Do join our classes–a holistic transformative experience for many who came. Audit students may be asked to complete some assignments and/or in-class projects to maximise their learning experience.

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EAST Homecoming Reunion 2022

Over 120 alumni, faculty, staff and children attended the Homecoming Reunion in celebration of EAST’s 30th anniversary on 18 Nov 2022.


I graduated in 2002 with a Master of Divinity when EAST was at Dorset Road. I remembered fondly my time there: together with school friends, we either had meals at Cambridge market (‘Hokkien mee’ or seafood soup) or at KK Hospital. Upon graduation, I lost contact with EAST and most of my school mates. It was only in 2017, when I joined EAST Alumni Relations Office, I was back in the loop with some alumni. I managed to compile the database of every EAST alumni. But many of the alumni that I have been writing prayer emails to were just names to me. During the pandemic, I got to see some of them during the Alumni Zoom meetings. A week before the Homecoming Reunion, I managed to meet up with some alumni who visited EAST. I was able to meet up with Sufen (Taiwan) after 20 years. I met Baataraa (Mongolia) and Timothy Saw (Myanmar) when they came to visit EAST during the last chapel.

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EAST 30th Anniversary Book

East Asia School of Theology celebrated its 30th Anniversary with a Thanksgiving Celebration for ministry partners on 12 November 2022 and a Homecoming Reunion for alumni on 18 November 2022.

View the commemorative book below as a flipbook and be blessed by the stories of the alumni, student, and staff. Click the Maximize button for the full screen view and Download PDF button to download. Or you can download the PDF here. Enjoy!



You may also view the above on the flipbook creation website.

Coordinators: Agnes Kao, Eliza Yeh. Editors: Woon Lee Tzu, Agnes Kao. Design/Layout: Blessed Charity Ong. Photos: Lau Ying Kheng. Paintings: Patrick Ng. Contributors: Various alumni and Wong Ee Yuing.


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EAST 30th Anniversary Reflections


I graduated from EAST in 2018 with a Master in Divinity where fond memories remain of the campus in 1 Dorset Road. I came to EAST expecting to arm myself with theological training but God had more in mind for me – EAST equipped me to grow in head, heart and hands. 

At EAST, learning is imbued in every facet of the student life not only in the class but outside the walls of the classroom. There is emphasis on the application of head knowledge distilled through the heart. I am grateful to the teachers who made every effort to teach with passion and conviction that caused learning to take place. I am blessed to have thoroughly enjoyed every subject in my course. Indeed, EAST plays a significant role in equipping their students to become holistic practitioners in the field. 

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Earnest & Mingli – Live in Concert @EAST

Earnest & Mingli – Live in Concert @EAST


Join Earnest & Mingli for an evening of fresh faith-songs celebrating whom our God is!

EAST 30th Anniversary celebration continues with an evening of music and stories with Earnest & Mingli live in concert! You are warmly invited to come, relax, and chill with us.

For more information and to register click here or below.

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