Interpreting the Synoptic Gospels (May/June 2018 Intensive Course)


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Interpreting the Synoptic Gospels (NT516/TS516, 3 credits)

22 May-1 June, 9.00 am-5.00 pm (starts on Tuesday, ends on the following Friday)

One-third of the pages of the New Testament are occupied by the first three Gospels-Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Students of the Bible have often asked, “Why are these three Gospels so similar?”, and, “Why do they have so many significant differences from each other?” These Gospels are the primary sources on the life and teachings of Jesus and they also inform us about the theology of their authors and the concerns of the local churches then. You will learn a variety of interpretive methods to help you go deeper in your understanding of these important books.


Rob MacEwen, PhD

Rob, a former missionary to East Asia, is passionate about helping others understand and apply God’s Word. He has authored Matthean Posteriority, a book that explores literary relationships between the first three gospels.


Registration deadline is Wednesday, 15 May 2018.   Online registration of courses at or contact for registration form.



Gospel Tool for Honour-Shame Cultures

There is a new contextualized gospel tract which targets cultures where honour and shame predominates (such as African, Asian, Middle-Eastern, etc.). It was developed by Cru based on the HonorShame Reference Bookmark. The Honor Restored gospel tract is found within the God Tools mobile app and available in multiple languages. A third-party review of the Honor Restored tract is found here.

According to the Honor-Shame Network, “about 90% of unreached people groups and 65% of the world’s population lives in honor-shame contexts.” There are additional gospel resources for reaching honour-shame cultures on the website.

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THE FOUR – Fresh Ways to Share the Good News

Have you been thinking of ways to share your faith in Jesus? For fresh new ways to present the unchanging Gospel so that its message can be passed on from one generation to another?

Introducing THE FOUR from Cru Singapore – a short and simple video series that you can use to testify your faith and invite people to follow Jesus 🙂













Alternatively, you can also access THE FOUR videos as a straight playing playlist at the Cru Singapore Youtube channel:

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