Use of New Studio at EAST


The above show first uses of the Studio at EAST Mission Hub since end-2020. We are grateful for God’s provision of equipment and gifted individuals who help us with the recording and production of videos.

Please continue to pray for the effective use of such facilities to help teachers deliver and students learn better in and beyond Singapore. Shalom.

Pray for EAST – 2021.01.21

Design: Koh Aitee


Pray for EAST Community (21 January 2021)

It is a big adjustment for all at EAST since the beginning of this pandemic. Yet, our classes are on-going in Singapore campus through onsite, online and hybrid means in this new semester. We are also thankful for the smooth settling down at 118 Joo Chiat Road, our new EAST Mission Hub.

Let us continue to uplift EAST and one another in prayer. Shalom.

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Our Spaces Spruced Up!


These are our spaces for fellowship, reading, conversations, rest and study, all spruced up and made ready for a new season at the EAST Mission Hub!

We appreciate the interior design input from our PIM faculty, Josephine Lam who has made these spaces much more vibrant for our community.

As we prepare for the new semester in January 2021, we look forward to start this new chapter at our new campus at 118 Joo Chiat Road. Thanks be to God for new beginnings!

Readying Our Classrooms Within

As we conclude this semester with the completion of our course exams and assignments, we transition into the year-end vacation and make preparations for the coming semester.

Speaking of preparations, we are in the midst of readying our new classrooms at our Joo Chiat campus. As seen in the picture above, these are brand-new classrooms for a new season at EAST.

Even as our physical classrooms are renewed, it is good to take this time to look into our hearts and make ready our ‘classrooms within’ for new seasons of learning. This is when we can come to the Lord and say, “Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me, and know my anxieties.” (Psalms 139:23 NKJV)

Yes, together with the Lord, we search within ourselves and process what we find with Him. This is one way we can work with God to ready our hearts for a new season of learning.

May your ‘classroom within’ indeed be renewed and refreshed by the Spirit of God as He journeys with you into your next semester.


EAST Stewardship Report 2020

EAST Stewardship Report for the Calendar Year 2020

Rejoice and give thanks to God as you view the EAST Stewardship Report 2020 below. Read about God-given opportunities to impact over 3,000 participants through the various online events and activities during this year of COVID-19 pandemic. Praise God for the impact that our Alumni are able to make in 25 countries. Get updated on the renovation of our Missions Hub at 118 Joo Chiat. Hear from various EAST stakeholders. Learn more about GLO@EAST promotions with free audit classes at this coming Jan. 2021 semester.

Hover your pointer over the flipbook below and click “Fullscreen” for maximum viewing pleasure.

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