From BOY to MAN

S. Zarni Pyoe Wai Saing (Myanmar) recently graduated with an MDiv in Christian Ministry at EAST 28th Commencement. He is now serving as a pastor in Little Myanmar Christian Fellowship under the All Saints Presbyterian Church.  

Back in Yangon, Zarni was ‘king’ at home, pampered by his homemaker mother. Dad was a trainer of NGO workers. “But I had three big bully brothers,” he adds, laughing.

So when time came for studies in 2015, he was “shy a lot.” Compared to older brother Htike, EAST alumnus and outspoken leader, he was a frightened little boy in the Lion City of Singapore. “My greatest fear was people would laugh at my weak English,” says Zarni. “That led to problems like procrastination, missing assignment deadlines, and getting into trouble with my professors.”

But God patiently worked in his life.

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