Amos Chew, our newest MALD student

L-R: Joel (brother), William (father), Julia (mother), Amos & Bernice (girlfriend)

This new academic year, we have about 10 new students from five different countries and Amos Chew is a Singaporean student who has enrolled for Master of Arts in Leadership (MALD). Below is a short Q&A to get to know him just a little better as he begins his journey of development through EAST.

1.     How did I find out about EAST, and came to study at EAST?

I found out about EAST from a friend! He was telling me about EAST and what he has studied and learnt there. I was interested in learning more of the Bible, so I went to look up the EAST website, browsed through the courses, and found the MALD program. I have always been fascinated about the topic on leadership and have always wanted to learn more. After looking at the modules and praying about it, I decided to enquire and apply. Like they said, the rest is history.

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Welcome and Smiles at Aleph 2022

We recently welcomed this semester’s new students on the first day of the EAST Aleph, which is our orientation program for new program students each academic year. Our Dean of Students, Rev Dr Casey Lok welcomed the new cohort on the first day of Aleph, and we had a brief round of introductions to hear from each new student as a way of introducing themselves to the EAST community. It is always an encouragement to hear how the hand of God was present in guiding our new students to EAST for their season of equipping.

Many of our new students come from different regions around the world. The intercultural friendships we have with students and alumni from all around the world which have greatly enriched our faith with the stories of how God has been journeying with them throughout their lives.

Again, a big welcome to our new students, and the Lord be ever-present with His grace throughout this new season of a learning journey at EAST!


EAST Aleph Photo Moments

EAST Aleph has started our new students on an online journey of knowing fellow students, faculty and staff as a community while getting ready for the academic semester ahead.
The rotating pictures above captured some moments with our faculty, staff and students in the first morning of EAST Aleph via Zoom.

Read more about the kickoff of the twoweek EAST Aleph below.

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EAST Aleph: Welcome, New Students!

Photo by Chan Chong Hiok. Design by Tan Eng Kwang.

We welcome our new program students who have recently began their learning journey with us through EAST Aleph! How do we help new students transition well into a multicultural community of learners while physically in multiple locations due to COVID-19 restrictions? By creating multiple opportunities for interactive activities with and among the new students using online means.

The EAST Aleph two-week immersion program orientate students to the cultural and academic norms, provide spiritual and relational connections, and begin building the personal and ministry foundations for lasting transformation in their study life. For this year, online exercises are conducted to familiarise participants with effective collaborative learning and community-building platforms.

Above photo shows EAST President, Rev Dr Chan Chong Hiok, on an online Zoom session with the new students.

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EAST Aleph: Welcome, Our New Students!

Our new students have joined us for Aleph this new semester. The Lord bless each of them in their journey of equipping with EAST.

Photos courtesy of Wong Ee Yuing & Tan Eng Kwang

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